• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Rarity's Colt - Mocha Star

Rarity, among others across the land, signed up to be foster parents for foals after numerous disasters struck the nation. Few expected to be called upon, among the least was Rarity.

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Rarity took several minutes to regain her composure and clean the mascara that had run from her tears, but like she always did, she recovered and stood tall. A mare, ready to face what was ahead was she, and she was determined to do her duty to the colt she was to take in. “Excuse me, but I have to powder my muzzle. Where shall we meet so I may introduce myself to the young gentlecolt I’ll be caring for?”

Seven opened the door with his wing. “I’ll bring him to your home in one hour, if there’s anything you need to take care of before we arrive, I suggest you do it fast. The greeting process can take up to an hour; I have to be present while you show him his new home, lay your house rules before him, and officially accept him.

“It’s all formality, but it helps the foals we work with feel accepted into the environment. He may seem like he’ll be trouble,” Seven said as he followed Ivory and Rarity, “but all foals want to be loved, and once he lets his walls down you’ll see a new colt before your eyes.”

“Hmph, I suppose we will both have to learn from one another in this case. I’m not a true mother, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be; in the same right, he is a foal that refuses to be. There’s only so much we differ, it seems,” Rarity said sagely.

Several seconds passed in contemplative silence before it was broken at the base of the stairs. “It seems you are the mare for the job, and as I won’t be needed for this part, I wish you both a fantastic day,” Ivory waved the two off as she turned the corner to perform other mayoral duties.

Rarity split from Seven and made her way back to her home as quickly as she could. Saying short greetings to local ponies she knew, some were offput that she wouldn’t stop her haste to have a casual or short conversation; but she didn’t care. She had to prepare and only had an hour to do it.

She reached the door sooner than she thought she ever had and was inside as quickly as she could be, making her way up the stairs to the guest bedroom and making sure it was decent. She took several minutes to use the bathroom to its fullest, leaving refreshed, smelling of various flowers, and having reapplied her makeup as a professional would.

She took some time to prepare a pot of hot water, set out tea and hot chocolate incase he wanted either, and finally made sandwiches with small bite size vegetables on a serving tray in the way her sister liked. She had a two minute panic attack at the thought of her sister having to stay over while a confused colt was living with her now.

That led to the thoughts of what children tend to do with one another at their age, which led to thoughts of pregnancy, horrible cutie marks, a young life spiraling into darkness and sadness… She slapped herself across the muzzle with a dish towel, which helped her mind reset. While she was showering again, cursing the dirty and wet dish towel she’d grabbed in her moment of parental panic, she took time to ruminate on her own life and how her sister is not only well educated in manners of equine reproduction, but has two friends and a sister that she’s rarely without; all willing to help her stay pure until she’s ready in both body and mind for such activities.

With ten minutes left, Rarity gawped at the clock and tried to deny the repeating chance of that number today. She checked the cleanliness of the kitchen, the orderly state of her shop and main areas, she ushered a prospective client out on the basis of a family emergency and a discount if he returned the following morning.

She turned the open sign to closed, and began to pace for the last three minutes. Her carpet was, like nearly all quality carpets, enchanted to hush or eliminate the sounds hooves make. It was deathly quiet around her, save for the clock that was ticking every second like a hammer and chisel, writing her fate in stone. She spent her time inner monologuing as the clock set the pace for her thoughts.

Tick. Tick.
Here resides Rarity.

Tick. Tick.
She says she’s ready for anything.

Tick. Tick.
Can she handle what is in store for her with this poor colt? Is she ready, though?

Tick. Tick.

Heavy knocks against the door startled her, her legs lost their rhythm, and she fell to the floor in a heap. She stood as the knocking came again and made it one pace, then stumbled with a squeak. “Darn it,” she cursed to herself and her sore ankle. She quickly hobbled to the door, stopping a respectable distance away, then opened it with her magic.

Seven was standing with the shadow of a colt being cast from beside the door. “Hello, Miss Rarity. Snickers and I are here,” he gestured for the colt to show himself, “and we’re pleased to meet you, aren’t we?”

A young voice scoffed. “Whatever, it’s a place with a roof. Step up from last month,” the youth said as she walked around the corner, trying to prance like he was the new big stallion in town hall.

“Hm, yes,” Seven followed Snickers in and thanked Rarity silently, “last month you didn’t have a roof, so even a tent would be an improvement over that, right, Champ?”

Snickers glowered as his mane was tussled. Rarity frowned at Seven. “If you wouldn’t mind, Seven, would you not muss his mane into such a ragged style?” She moved to her new ward and balanced her weight carefully onto her aching leg, extending her good forehoof to him. “It’s an honor to meet you, young sir.”

Snickers looked at her hoof and bumped it. “So, are we gonna do it or what?” Rarity fell back onto her flank, Seven inhaled sharply, and Snickers stopped breathing while blushing brightly. “I-I didn’t mean it like that! Honest, that wasn’t what I meant! I would never, well… maybe, but not before a couple drinks at least, right?” He stumbled over his words, ending awkwardly with a pained smile.

Rarity went from shock, disgust, a small bit of intrigue that was quashed by everything right in society, and finally ended by giving him a flat stare. “Indeed. Anyway, I have water and snacks prepared in the kitchen, if you wouldn’t mind,” she gestured for Seven to take the lead and pointed them in the direction.

With what was just said, having a colt behind her that has full view of what most mares keep covered felt like a bad idea. It also meant she’d need a change in fashion as exposing oneself was considered edgy and showing one as being a risk taker, now she couldn’t deny and defy others. She had to set an example for a colt that lived with her now, but what else would she have to change to accommodate him?

“Wow, clean place ya got here,” the colt said pulling her out of her thoughts. Rarity walked past the two and encouraged them to sit while she poured hot water into three cups. She placed leaves in hers for tea and both colts asked for hot chocolate.

“So, Snickers, I would like to know something about you, if you don’t mind.”

“Actually, I do.”

There was a moment of silence as Snickers sipped his drink and the others looked at him in growing awkwardness. Seven began the conversation again. “Ah, well, Snickers here is most recently from-”

Snickers glanced aside at Seven. “Shut up and drink your stuff.”

“Excuse me, young colt! You manners--”

“Rock and roll, all night long?” he snarked.

Rarity’s horn lit and his hot chocolate was pulled from between his hooves with an indignant grunt as he reached for it. “There’ll be no sweets if you don’t the same.”

“Is that why you act like you ate a bag of dicks?” He snapped back, his ears folding down after he said it.

She froze, her mouth open. Seven did a spit take Rarity found most unfunny as she was the recipient of the spray and spittle. Snickers broke into laughter and Rarityslowly parsed what to say or do in this reprehensible situation. The taste of overtly sweet and fatty chocolate wafted over her tongue.

She realized suddenly why she tasted something other than tea, horror crossed her expression, then within three seconds her head was in the sink with the faucet in her mouth running at full speed. Whimpering and blubbering unintelligible words until water dribbled from her nostrils, Rarity sneezed loudly spraying the wall behind the sink with snotty water. Standing with poise, she brushed her wet mane from her eyes with her forehoof.

“Yes, on that note... I believe it’s time I lay down some of house rules. One, no innuendos of any kind, type, or manner at any time. Two, you will show respect to all ponies around you regardless of age, gender, or personal beliefs. Three, you will respect boundaries in my home. Both personal and professional, as this is where I work and live. Do you have any questions?”

She called two towels to herself and patted her coat until she was dry. A brush and comb appeared from the next room and ran through her mane while she listened to the colt.

Snickers looked at her, then to his drink floating in her magic. “Is this one of those deals where you lay down the rules and change them when something happens you didn’t expect? Because if it is, I’ll just add on number four; anything that happens can have a rule added at any time.”

Seven looked at the colt beside him with a raised eyebrow and Rarity smirked, then nodded. “Indeed, number four may be the most important of all. Now, let’s have a tour of the living areas and then the areas you shan’t bother by any means. As you’ll notice, I’m being specific so that you have fewer options to circumvent.

“Now, I do understand that no rule is absolute and without loopholes, so we’ll just adapt as events happen. I do hope the best from our future relationship.” Rarity left the room with the colts behind her, she looked back and Seven was following while Snickers was blushing and focusing on her hind hooves.

What could be bothering him? She wondered. “Eyes up, darling. The first room is actually the main room where I display my couture, take measurements, host fittings, and discuss the finer details with my clients. Behind those curtains are changing rooms as well as changing blinds scattered around for less timid or,” she chuckled, “more risque outfits some ponies request or prefer.”

She cleared her throat, pointing to an alcove in the back. “That area is where I work my fashionable magic. I keep my sewing machine and fabric there, and you can’t see it, but to the right is where it expands and I have a much larger work area, but between us I show the customers that part of the room to make it seem as though I work my magic with what little I have, making it seem even more impressive.

“Now, follow me to the upstairs where I’ll show you your room.” Then I’ll finish the forms, send Seven on his way to help other foals in need. Please, let this be as simple as, if not simpler than, other parents have it.

“Welcome to the second floor, beauty in simplicity.” Rarity led them around the hallway as she gestures and talked about the rooms. “Several rooms, three for guests located along the outer wall taking the same space reachable by going either direction.

“Two rooms belonging to myself and my sister, Sweetie Belle, are side by side. My inspiration room is there and is not for entry under any circumstances without my express permission.” She emphasised as she recalled Sweetie’s first time entering the room and how it just barely worked out.

“The bathroom is over around the way there and is fully furnished and always well stocked. You’ll notice it’s slightly larger than the other rooms, but the space is possibly the most important. I simply ask as to how one can make themselves look their very best without the space to do it in?

“My room is to the right, my sister’s room is just past, and your room, young colt, will be opposite the bathroom in the second guest bedroom, which is as far from my sister’s room as I could reasonably make it. Just so you know, the sound tends to carry at times, so anything said too loudly may be heard from up here.

The rooms are enchanted to dampen sound, but only if the enchantment is activated by touching one of two gems,” she led them to a spare room, “as you can see here. Blue activates the sound wards, which are designed to muffle or cancel sounds based on how loud they are. In the event an emergency occurs they will allow all sound through, so you needn’t worry.

The same goes for playing with friends and rough housing, the floors are sturdy enough for playing around as you young ones tend to do, and even though the whole building may seem fragile, it’s actually as sturdy as town hall.”

Rarity led them downstairs again, gesturing as she walked. “The roof is lined with hydrophobic cloth, the walls are insulated with wool from the healthiest of sheep and intertwined with a fire resistant gem matrix. The supports are inlaid with reinforcing stability enchantments, and there are additional ways the structure is as safe as anything could be, if not moreso.

“So, with that said, Snickers, you may explore the house, save for the rooms I’ve marked with chartreuse ribbons at the top of the doors. If there are no doors, the room is open to entry. You will be held accountable for anything that is damaged or goes missing,” she said flippantly, “so keep that in mind. If the door is closed, please knock; for Celestia’s sake, knock!

“So, Rares, what now?”

She looked to the colt she could call her own now. “Please, don’t call me that. I am a Lady, you may call me Ma’am, Rarity, or Miss Rarity, but such uncouth nicknames from those I only just met are simply rude.”

Snickers glared at her while Seven was setting his paperwork in the kitchen leaving the two alone. “Yeah, I’m not calling you Mistress of anything. Ya know, I have to ask; what are you a Lady of?”

“Beg your pardon?”

“Yeah, what land do you own? How many servants do you have? Why’re you living in this podunk town when the capitol is right on the mountain over there?” He pointed through a window to Canterlot.

“Well, I never-”

“Get laid, I believe it!”

Rarity gasped in shock. “Young colt!”

“Old nag. See, I can call the obvious, too.”

“Go to your room! I’ll deal with you shortly.”

“You want me to go to your room? Pervert! Help, I need a responsible adult. Stranger danger,” he ran past her and into the kitchen where he lost his footing and slipped, landing hard onto his side. “Seven, you’ve gotta help me, she’s gonna do weird things to my most inner child. I’ll never grow up normal this way, she’s trying to get me into her room. Alone. I can see the lustful thoughts behind her eyes, just look at them! No, Mistress, I’ll be a good boy!” he awkwardly bowed to her to the amusement of noone else.

Ignoring the theatrics, Seven sorted his papers and pulled a pen from his saddlebag. “Miss Rarity, sign here, please.”

Rarity trotted to the elder colt and took the pen in her magic. “You do notice that there’s a colt right there that’s having some sort of manic attack, shouting about me doing deplorable things to him,” she casually said to Seven.”

“Do you intend to do any of the things he’s claiming?” Seven tapped the file containing Snickers’ patient files.

Rarity’s head shook at the shock of being asked that question by Seven. “What, certainly not! I am no monster that would ever prey upon--”

“Then don’t worry about it, he’s done this twice now. The first time was at the hospital, with a stallion nurse that was intent on helping him urinate, you’re the second. I heard your conversation just now and we know he likes to overdramatize certain things. We also wear a charmed pin, like the one I’m wearing that detects lies when I activate it.”

Rarity’s horn light shimmered and she smiled faintly. “Ah, a zirconia tied with woodworm and infused a peridot shard containing a Whisper enchantment. Well crafted, if I do say so myself. I think I’ll make a couple of my own, now that I know the gem needed and have access to an alchemist and an archmage.” Rarity signed the papers and watched as Snickers drank the last of his cool chocolate.

“There we are, I’ll have one last word with you before I leave.” Seven moved with her to the doorway. “Here’s a crystal linked to Foal Services, cast a color change cantrip on it and it’s twin there will do the same and we’ll react accordingly. Red for medical related emergency, blue for magical mishap, green for a found food allergy, white for danger to others, and pink for missing foal.

“If he’s lost more than six hours, turn it pink and we’ll arrive to figure out what to do from there. Any questions?”

“I believe I’ll have many over the next couple days, who can I turn to? Is there a color for that?” she asked and looked into the crystal.

“There are three licenced ponies nearby that can help in a time of need. A Miss Fluttershy works with anxiety and depression, mostly,” Rarity gave him a blank look while he spoke, “a Mrs. Lyra Heartstrings holds group meetings for creatures that aren’t sure of themselves or are unhappy with who they are.”

Rarity blinked and looked from the crystal to Seven. “That’s two, who’s the third?”

“I was getting to that. I haven’t met her, but Miss Rainbow Dash works with foals suffering from loss, abandonment, and social issues. Between us, she’s one of the best therapists outside of a metropolis when it comes to working with foals of his type. If you get a chance, have them meet and supervise as they connect.”

He smiled and after talking with her a little more for a few more minutes, he left her and Snickers alone together.

Well, this has been a day to remember, and it’s barely noon. I say, I should just handle this like a mother should, and so I shall.

There was a loud crash and clatter of porcelain shattering against the kitchen floor she knew too well from Sweetie’s mannerisms. “Sweetie Belle, what are y-OO-wah!”

Rarity slid across the floor, barely keeping her hooves on the wet floor until she’d reached about half way to the sink. That was when the chocolate powder, still forming a gummy paste, stopped her. She looked at the colt grinning cockily at her, then flinched when a cup of hot water splashed across her face and mane. “Did I make you wet just now? Whelp, I’ll be in your room if you need me.”

He stood and climbed across the counter quickly while Rarity grit her teeth and brought towels to dry her head. Snickers snickered and hopped to a well placed chair and then onto the carpeted floor before she could rationally call to him about her clean hooves rule. Rarity looked at the hoofprints he made and smirked smugly.

Now I show how easy parenting really is. I’ll just lay down the rules, scold him, and he’ll fold like origami.