• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Rarity's Colt - Mocha Star

Rarity, among others across the land, signed up to be foster parents for foals after numerous disasters struck the nation. Few expected to be called upon, among the least was Rarity.

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Pinkie knocked on the door and let herself into Rarity’s shop. “Rarity, are you home? I brought you a snack… a Snickers.” Pinkie’s head bobbled when Snickers playfully slapped it. Rainbow was close behind and repeated the action on Snickers, who mimicked Pinkie, getting a chuckle from the flying mare.

“I’m in my bathroom, I'm a bit busy in here. Have you found Snickers? I can’t hear very well, come up here, please?”

Pinkie pronked to the stairs sending Snickers into the air to be caught by Rainbow. Rainbow set him down and they followed Pinkie to the bathroom. Pinkie opened the door and steam billowed out like heavy fog that smelled of orchids and made all their mouths water, Snickers’ stomach cramped and he remembered missing lunch.

“Come in, darling. Have you found Snickers? I know it may not seem so, but I’m quite worried about him.”

“Well, worry no more because here he is!” Pinkie turned impossibly and grabbed him, then turned him to the source of the fog, the closed shower. She pushed him into the stall and let him go.

Rarity screamed shrilly and somewhere on the street just outside the boutique a foal cried from the sound sending its mother back into her depressive cycle. “Snickers, why’re you in the shower with me?”

He blinked up and saw her underbelly and looked a little further back, cocking his head. “Hey, you found Mister Ed!”

In another rare feat, Mister Ed again vanished in a teleport. She shuddered and nearly fell on him in the second following, then glared down at him between her forelegs. “Out!” she picked him up and moved him from the stall dripping muddy water from his body onto the floor, where she placed him. She groaned and the silhouette showed her bury her face in her hooves.

Rainbow was snickering into her hooves while Pinkie had climbed the far side of the shower and was peeking over with wide eye. “Can I have a turn?” Pinkie asked. Rarity screamed again in surprise and Pinkie was grabbed, the window opened, and Pinkie was flung through it.

“No!” she shouted as the window closed. Again, Rarity screamed when Pinkie’s silhouette appeared behind her in the shower stall. Rainbow landed and started guffawing, slapping the floor with her forehoof. “How did you… can I please shower in peace?!

Snickers climbed back in, his hind legs kicking the side of the shower until Rainbow gave him a nudge in an awkward place for him. “Hey, this thing fits three easy… just like you.” Snickers barked a laugh when he saw Rarity’s eye twitching and Pinkie behind her lathering her own mane.

“Ooo, sudsy shampoo!”

Rarity whined and opened the curtain, climbing out to bump muzzles with Rainbow. “So, how was your shower?” Rainbow snerked. “Very fulfilling?” Rainbow's eyebrows wiggled and Rarity blushed, moving past Rainbow to grab a few towels. Rarity used her magic to pat her coat dry with them while two wrapped her mane and one wrapped her tail.

“Rainbow, I have one thing to say that I’m sure you’ll understand better than anypony I’ve ever known.”

Rainbow’s ear flicked. The two in the shower were actually cleaning themselves and one another, leaving the two of them to share this moment. Rarity used her magic to move her tail aside and broke wind, then left the room. Rainbow was frozen in place, unsure of how to take the action she was exposed to.

Should she laugh, maybe. Should she make a comment, probably. As it was, she just watched the mare leave the room and sat on her flank. “Huh… that happened.” The sounds from the shower got her attention and she looked to see Pinkie holding Snickers with her mane curls. “Hey, I’m gonna head out, you two gonna be okay?”

“You betcha, don’t be a stinker and visit me later.”

Rainbow chuckled quietly, the memory flashed in her mind of what had just happened. “Okay… don’t take this the wrong way, but I think Snickers is rubbing off on Rarity.”

Snickers’ head popped from the shower curtain. “Not until she’s asleep!” Pinkie pulled him back in and the whole group laughed.

Rarity stood outside the bathroom door, a smile on her muzzle. Rainbow flew from the window, the shower ended almost a minute later, and Rarity went to her room to find Mister Ed under her covers. She looked at the bathroom, bit her lip, then rushed into her room and locked the door. A glow shone and there was silence from the room thereafter.

Pinkie helped dry Snickers and wrung her mane out, drying it in one motion. Her tail, she bounded on it and all the water squeezed out of it. Snickers watched with awe but didn’t ask, he realized that she was an enigma and he liked her like this. “So, you got me back here. Now what’re you gonna do?”

“Well, my schedule’s free for a while, so maybe hang out with you?” Snickers looked at Pinkie and the hope in her eyes. Her eyes. He shivered and looked away. “Why do you do that? Hate my eyes and smile?”

He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I just do.”

“But… I can’t make you smile if you don’t like me. All of me, what can I do to make it better?” She pulled a paper bag from her tail and stuck it on her head. It had a ‘meh’ face drawn on it with small eyeholes.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just…” he started walking to his room and noticed the glow around Rarity’s room door. “Yeah, go for it, Mama! Er… Rarity.”

Pinkie looked at him intently from behind, catching what he’d said and how he meant it. A small smile grew into a grin under the bag as she realized Harmony had worked, he just wasn’t accepting it like he should have.

They went into his room and closed the door, Pinkie sitting on her tail, bouncing slightly. Snickers looked at her bouncing, shaking his head. “Look there was this guy that called himself President Lord. Everywhere, he’d have his cronies put up these posters with his name at the top and bottom. President, Lord.

“He was full of it, but I got a job working for him and I fell asleep on my shift once. I was locked in a room with his face painted on every wall. Giant eyes to see the future, a bright grin like The Joker to show how happy he’d make people. It was terrifying to look at and that’s all there was for maybe a whole day. I got a toilet, at least.

“But, whenever I messed up against his vision of the future, that was where I went. A few hours, a day; didn’t matter. Those eye and that smile,” Snickers shuddered and looked away from the bouncing mare.

Pinkie giggled and hopped to her hooves. “Silly colt, I’m not lord of anything or president, either. Except Lord… or is it Lordess? Well, that of sweet yummies! And President of Cupcakes with Unique Flavors Anonymous. We only have one member, but it’s a growing movement.”

Snickers shook his head again, this time at her antics. “You’re so random… but I kinda like that.”

Pinkie took the bag off her head and was looking sad. “So, can you try to like my smile? Maybe a little?”

He shrugged. “Perhaps, as long as you keep it within reason,” he said before she could perform an impossible grin. She stopped at a normal sized grin and reached to hug him.

“Oh, thank you, Snickers. I’ll make you so happy you’ll wonder how you ever went a day with me and not been happy.” He patted her leg and she let him go. He inhaled a deep breath.

“Yeah, but I gotta ask. What makes you so happy? Drugs, it’s drugs, isn’t it?”

She shook her head and started bouncing on her tail again. “Nopers, it’s something no pony’s every guessed and it’s just a little part of why I am who I am,” she giggled, “so, what’re we gonna play?” He looked her over and watched her closely as she bounced. He giggled, then laughed until he fell over. “Oh, a joke? I like to hear jokes! Can you tell it to me?”

She bounced closer and waited. “I know why your rump is in your tail when you bounce!”

Pinkie looked side to side and slid off her tail, shaking it a little. “What? I dunno what you’re talking about, heh heh… say, if you’re not in the mood to play, I totally get it so I’m just gonna go,” she ran to the closet and shut the door. He got up and ran to it, opened it ready to tease her, only to find it empty of everything except a couple dressed and a tie.

He moved back and looked around the room. “What a random mare. I wonder if she really had her own version of Mister Ed in her tail,” he snickered and shook his head. “This world is so sexual and practically open about it. What next, sex in the streets and alley… ways,” he snorted and fogged the window pane he was looking through.

“Okay, so sex is normal and not taboo. Butt marks happen, what next?” He asked and felt the house tremble. “I swear, if that’s some kind of bear insect hybrid I’m building a nuke and bombing something.”

He listened and after a few seconds gave up on whatever it was. He went to his bed, lay down, and sank into the comfort of a real mattress. He heard Rarity’s door open and she hummed a happy tune to herself, walking around to the bathroom. “Ah, my darling son! How was your shower with Pinkie Pie?”

He grinned at her. “Nice, how was your time with Mister Ed?”

She blushed but waved it off. “Fine enough, I’ve had some stress over the past week and for the moment, it’s gone and forgotten. As I recall, you missed lunch, would you care to join me for a snack? I’ve developed a bit of a ravishing hunger.”

He nodded and moved from the bed, getting a giggle from Rarity. “It seems you forgot your outfit and are showing. If you’d like I can make you a skirt to hold you over until I make you a new one.”

He blushed, shaking his head. “Nah, that Harmony thing kinda helped with that, ma. I’m okay being naked.”

Rarity’s ears rose high and she grinned at him. “Did I hear you correctly?”

“What?” Snickers asked with a twitching ear.

She smiled at him cockily. “You called me ‘ma’, did you not?”

“No, wh-why w-would I d-do that?” Snickers stuttered.

She hummed and turned her side to him. “Only Harmony knows why, I’m sure.” Snickers tried to become angry, but he’d been burnt out on hate for a while. Care for a ponyback ride to the kitchen?”

He gulped and looked at her back, then his little legs, then back to her again. He nodded and she crouched; with a hop to the floor, he trotted to her and climbed onto her back. “To lunch, Jeeves.”

Rarity gave her best Bucklyn accent that still crossed over hers. “Ah, yeah, buddy. That’d be five bits, nyea.”

They shared a laugh.