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Communication · 12:24am February 3rd

Hey Everyone alex can get messages if you want to write him go to securus and go to emessaging and it will tell you what state mn and tri county corrections he would love to hear from you all

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Any · 12:59am Sep 16th, 2021

If anyone would like to write or send anything to alex address is 816 marin ave Crookston MN please do cause he could use as much support as he can get

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Alex · 12:54am Aug 27th, 2021

Hey Everyone I am a trusted friend of Alex Alexander and he is currently being incarcerated in Polk County he has been in one fight but he is doing good and making real friendships he is In because his ex wife is accusing him of wrong if anyone can help him out in any way he will greatly appreciate it anything helps I wont be able to reply to comments but if anyone wants to share their number you can pm it to his account and ill get it to him to contact you. You will have to title the message

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Going to the local pd · 3:28pm May 26th, 2021

Going to the local pd to be probably charged with some Bullshit. Hope not be to. If you don't hear from me for a couple months, you'll know why.

The ex made her summer charges about me abusing my kids already.

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Past two weeks · 2:41pm May 18th, 2021

They've been great, but I've been so bleh.
Like, depressed and overworked.
I'm slowly writing the next chapters, for those that are waiting between my stories, so don't fret about that.

That's all!
Oh yeah, I got a new SUV and it's great. My credit is going up and I may use my VA benefits to buy a house!

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State of the Person behind the pony · 3:09pm Apr 28th, 2021

For the fourth time I am spending my day working as a 'patient' for medical students.

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The ex strikes again. · 11:16pm Apr 24th, 2021

At a daddy daughter dance right now and when I picked up my daughter the first thing she said to me was I'm not a man because I'm a coward.

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Release dates for my stories · 5:04pm Apr 3rd, 2021

I'm going to try to post on certain days of the week. It may suck for us all, braise I love the interactions we share, but if I post too much I seem to fall behind, when I'm actually keeping a poor pace.
I'm super excited to post the next chapter of Snickers's story, but it'll have to wait till Wednesday of every week.
Which hurts me like it does you all.
It's more for stability than anything.

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All is still good... · 1:22am Mar 14th, 2021

Lost most of the vision in my left eye. Went to the optometrist and I essentially got a bloody eye, but in the back of my eye not on the front.
Result: partial blindness for a few weeks.

The blindness is actually like an old t.v. Channel 3 covering about 40% of the centre of my vision.

Other than that everything is awesome!

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Update · 2:24pm Mar 11th, 2021

Sunny is still going, just a break was needed.
Thx for the patience.

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