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This story is a sequel to Rarity's Colt: A New Life

After a fallout with his family and friends, Snickers is moving to Canterlot to spend time with Princess Celestia.

His time ahead is not going to be as care-free or fun as he was expecting; having Kiwe with him as support, can the two colts survive the noble's politics, the princesses, and the life they are intended to live in the castle; or, will Snickers return to Ponyville and make amends?

Edited by Ninjadeadbeard.

Triggers: Swearing, Sexual Situation/Talk
-More will be added as they occur.

Chapters (8)
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Snickers bumped into his bed and took notice of Laxxie looking down on him with a wooden smile. “What’s the big deal, Diamond? When I do it myself, that’s about how long it takes, and fifteen minutes isn’t much for a human, nowadays.”


Past tense; he was and uses that as a basis for things he doesn't know about pony society yet.

Realy good first chapter, though I am bit lost. Is this a part of series of stories or one of it own?
Sorry if it a dumb question to ask. I just found you on here and so far I like what I see.

It's book 4 in a series.
I can't believe I didn't remember to link them!!!
Thanks for that. 👍🏽👍🏽

I enjoy both this fic and others where they depict Blueblood as having an understandable reason as to why he rebuked Rarity opposed to him just being a snobbish prick.

I always felt Blueblood wasn't what he seemed, and if he was, no one can always be that way.
I like normal Blueblood; the actor.

Blueblood's a liar.

He introduced himself to Rarity. Not the other way around. So him whining about her rings hollow since HE was the one who started it.

Perception though. Maybe he remembers or differently, maybe he is just saving face.

Things are gradually progressing, but nothing has really happend yet. The number one thing for me is the whole deal woth Celly and Luna believing Snickers to truly be their long-lost missing Son/Nephew, having now memory of it despite being the spitting image of him, as well as same attitude and personality (uncannily enough) and building along that, Snickers remembers a completetly differnt life history as a bipedal humanoid eith Sci-fi shit, and the majority of ponies brushing it all off as an overactive imagination and a copeing mechanism for a scared, traumatized colt.

And I'm intrigued.

Ooof. This chapter, man. There’s Feels, and then there’s FEELS.

going across it crossways through it’s phases.

Snickers and Kiwe shared a look.(——

I get the feeling you enjoy my series so far.

but the rest of the staff and guards seemed uneasy for a few seconds. (——A dome of silence surrounded Celestia

The dark mare grimaced.

and you’ll find a foal within yourself to call my Aquelis his cousin.”

“I was not aware it was something to share, but since you ask,” he held out his foreleg and both fillies took a smell, humming contentedly.

“Why am I not surprised?” Diamond asked.

Silver smiled. “Muffins and bread? I thought you’d smell more, robust; like your cooking.”

Oh I thought he was gonna smell like a kiwi.

That whole bath scene was so much fun to picture. I would love to join them.

“Apa!” Laxxie chirped, bringing a round of ‘aww’s from the manestylist.

Just made me think of this.

“Yes, the food you eat now will give you cramps later. We can’t have that,” Luna said. “Now, head upstairs to the balcony so that you may watch me raise my moon after Celestia lowers the sun.”

I expected Silver to say that Luna should just turn around and lift her tail.

Luna stepped ahead of her sister and spoke with her lips over her teeth. “Snickers, I heard you mention that you feel everypony hates you, do you truly believe that?”

Snickers shrugged and accepted a side hug from Silver. “Sometimes. Not like you can do anything about it.”

Luna smirked. “We shall see.”

I had a feeling Luna was gonna help him with that.

“Wait a moment,” Luna said. The room darkened and the melon began to glow more as the darkness set in. “It’s a glowing fruit from the farms in the west. In case you need a… light snack !” Luna chortled and giggled. The lights in the room returned to normal and the joke went over far better as each foal was giggling into their hooves, looking at the fruit they’d definitely be sampling after lights out.

I expected a watermelon from Celestia not Luna.

Both their attention was drawn to Kiwe, who was facing away from them. His horn glowed faintly from something in his dream, but he was still asleep.

Oh that’s so cute!! :rainbowkiss:

I kinda think I rushed leaving to be Honest.

they offered to give me a hoofjob, but I left,

Blueblood told me about how you introduced yourself to him

He said it was uncouth to gallop but Celestia and Luna

She also wanted to know how badly Fluttershy hurt her animals. It deeply worried her that Fluttershy, her best friend, may be a psychopath and not know it.

Ok, all caught up. Luna's & the foal's scenes tugged at the heartstrings as did Celestia's last scene. Man, the fates' meddling is really screwing with everypony. I'm glad Snickers has his little herd with him. He's going to need their support. I like Blueblood's portrayal here. Fluttershy not so much. The self harm I could see. It's a subject that hits close to home in fact. I can't ever see her harming her animals though. That's way too out of character for me.

I've talked to actual therapists and psychologists, and it is a trait.
But thanks for the comment, I'm just writing and if I get people in the feels, good deal!

That it is. I just can't see her doing it. The feels have definitely been poked though.

On a different note, a thought strick me last book and I'm becoming more sure of it now. The fates' original targets are the Royal Sisters if not just Celestia. Human Snickers really is the reincarnated Aquelis and the fates brought him back without resetting his human memories counting on the mayhem that could cause.

Thanks for the food for thought. I look forward to the next update.

Hmm, that wasn't in my conscious mind, but it may happen that way, in some way or another.
Maybe it's a plan from one of the three...
While the others have their own plans.

“Your orders are not needed, as your meal is ready, gentlecolts. I’ll gather the fillies, poste haste.”

I thought they slept together or are they already up?

Blueblood shook his head and chuckled, speaking softly. “Those colts are going to be a hoof full, I can tell already.”

Diamond took a small fork of her fruit to her mouth. “Well, we had fun in Kiwe’s bed. Don’t tell the colts we jumped and laughed until ten, or they might get upset that us fillies have all the fun.”

No I already think that! When did they go to Kiwe’s bed?

Diamond turned to face Snickers and noticed he was blushing. “What?!” Snickers shouted. “I wasn’t looking at anything! Nothing.

Doesn’t he have the want not spell cast?

Rosemary have a white coat or is it gray with a red mane?

Snickers cheered and galloped around the fountain

Don’t open your dumb mouth about a mare…or any female’s body again!”

The comment made them both laugh and fall over,The comment made the both laugh and fall over,l

Grandma Red said it was through the cage and a little to the left, whatever that meant.”

I think she’s referring to the g spot.

Silver laid her head back and looked at the pegasi in the sky over Canterlot.

Diamond laid her head back and looked at the spokes in the umbrella,

Or be bi diamond

She's just confused, being young and unsure of herself.
Her body is telling her one thing, her mind is telling her two things, and she can't understand her sexuality at the moment.
Over time, she'll figure herself out, and maybe she'll be bi, maybe one way or the other.
Honestly, I don't know yet; let's find out together!

Silver Spoon laid Diamond’s head on her chest and breathed calmly, letting Diamond follow the pattern.

I'm glad Snickers has Rosemary & Blueblood looking out for him. Again, I'm loving the characterizations you're giving them. Poor Snickers; of course he's dealing with puberty now. I'm thinking Silver's & Di's reactions aren't a coincidence either. I'm guessing they're sync'd up or something. They're his herd mares whether they all admit it or not after all. Good stuff as always. I look forward to reading the next update.

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