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The goal was simple: Get from her home to a new world and lead it to glory. A shining beacon in the stars that shows the unity and friendship of a half dozen species' ability to colonize a planet.

What happened to wake Twilight early into the flight and how will she cope with traveling the rest of the journey, alone?

Preread by Deltablaze22 and Coffee Bean. Y'all're awesome!

Chapters (9)
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>> MLPmatthewl419 it'll be a great story that even you'll rate good.:rainbowlaugh:

Damn, you were right...

Ah, she's finally posted!

um.. according to your description she is supposed to be a head of state once she gets to the colony, yet she doesn't have quite the same level of authority on the ship, why is that? i know the ship's crew is assumed to be trained for running the ship but with the tech that is used (suspended animation) there really isen't any point in limiting her authority pre-landing (well, if the tech works correctly that is), im just curious as to why she is a princess but only has the authority of a first class passenger (or second class if bronze level follows the norm for metal based classes) but with a low level command code
also, with how Twilight designed parts of the ship and with how much she loves to learn it isn't to big of a stretch to assume she learned/studied enough for at least basic crewing and repair skills for the ship

Just wait and see. It gets explained and even better.

I will say that she does love to learn and all that, but she's regularly shown to fall short or over analyze problems until they become a nuisance. Take that over time she's probably begun to delegate that to others so she can learn more about friendship rather than everything...

At least for this fic, if I wrote that in a way that makes sense... It's early for me and I can't give spoilers.

Why does alcohol use require a teen rating?

7915041 idk, being safe. If you can find it out I'll drop it to E

This story has been interesting so far, I look forward to reading more chapters of Twilight dealing with isolation and her search for a solution. Like learning how to hack a computer ^^;

I feel like this should have a "Mystery" tag. It's kinda borderline, though.

bet you wished you took a better ticketnow huh twilight all those options denied to you cause you bronze.... hey i know got steal some shmucks silver class bracelet he wont need it for for 150 years also run up his tab

:twilightoops:For the princess of friendship, that's not very friendly!


7916718 but surely there's a descendant of blueballs on that flight

Even though I've already read it, I read it again.

Was this base on a movie that came out last year? I remember a movie like this but can't think what the name is...

If so will there be a Stallion or male character for Twilight like in the movie?

I'm surprised that she didn't mention her brother when the colt has the same name. But anyways wow, this is good

7917346 I kinda forgot about shining armor.:twilightblush:

Thanks for the comment, check back tomorrow for the next chapter!

7917353 How could you forget Twilight's BBBFF! :pinkiegasp:

(Big Brother Best Friends Forever!)

Thriller... This story doesn't sound like it will be an happy ending for Shining Smile... oh no... Twilight is going nuts! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiecrazy:

I am loving this story so far.:heart:

Ok, FIMFiction really needs a "Cute" tag, as this chapter is the perfect example of what said tag would encompass.

7919946 I am loving this story but I would agree with you it doesn't look like this will end well. I am kind of scared how this is going to end for Shining smile.

7920795 I just notice that I'm talking to someone from outer space! :pinkiegasp:

Him being a therapist was really smart and was a surprise. When Twilight had said that he knew was a huge mistake :facehoof:

I got to know what we'll happen now... We'll she try to make peace with him or knock him out and wake someone else?

By the way I notice the place was acting strange... I wonder what is about to happen?

7922569 Robots, am I right?

for some reason him just going off and being mad at twilight just doesn't seem right to me, he should at least be willing to hear what she has to say in her defense (not that she needs much of a defense), your not trying to do a conversion of the movie are you? from what iv seen on wikipedia of the movie it wouldn't work all that well with twilight being the early awaker.

7924046 everyone is different and sometimes(most times) people are not rational and wont listen to someone else's side at all "just cause" or other nonsensical reason

In many ways, I feel really bad for them that someone else finally woke up just to die, and in others, I feel like said character was only there to move the plot along. But all-in-all, I like this chapter.

7924278 Not really actually... Though it was more a sad but with a bit of thriller in it chapter so far. :twilightsheepish:

7924675 I hope you'll like the ending. There will be an epilogue!

7924681 Wait... Is the ending close?

7924684 a couple chapters to go! :)

I am so sad right now. No Twilight!:applecry:

I needed to hear that.

Eeyup. :fluttercry:

dam it cliff hangers

let me guess she put herself in that magcal coma to survive

7928010 :pinkiegasp:
You guessed the ending.


7928070 not sure to take at face value ...... THATS RIGHT I SEE YOU THER TROLESTIA!!

Finally, one of them blinked.


Pretty good story the idea that they didn't plan on having to wake someone in case of emergencies and put them back to sleep is just tempting Murphy way too much

they both get in the pod and 131 years latter the crewew finds them in the auto doc kissing in suspended animation

or you know the ship blows up because fuck it they could build it right the first time

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