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Celestia feels lonely as she and Luna reconnect, only while Luna watches and takes in the sights before her she notices a hidden sadness in Celestia.

For Calming Moon.

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Comments ( 16 )

This is rather adorable.

Sup nerds?

2001/10 would read again

This is a cute little fic, you did a pretty good job on it. Thank you for sharing.

7376629 thank you for reading!


FUck me this was wonderful. I love Luna's ye olde speak, and seeing it executed so wonderfully IN FIRST PERSON makes me sad I've never thought of this idea.

Bravo; I'm glad you responded to my comment on that other story, if you hadn't, I wouldn't have found this... and if I hadn't have found this my day wouldn't be as good as it is now. 10/10.

7594564 I appreciate your comment.
Best one yet!

Awesome story, shows the deep and filling realism that exists between the sisters.

This is a Twilight's Reviews review.

I must say, for a one-shot, this is a pretty decent story, it's short, sweet, and to the point. The grammar was also pretty good, and the story itself was well written. Although, in my opinion, I would prefer to be just a bit longer and maybe show more emotion to make the reader feel something after reading it.

7852738 I've heard that a lot, but is adding to a completed story wise?

7852789 You don't necessarily have to do it, but you could use this information to improve your future stories.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks for the advice and review, it means a lot to me.:pinkiehappy:

7852836 You're welcome, just happy to help! :twilightsmile:

It is interesting how heartwarming this story is, despite Luna being so rigid in the way she thinks and behaves. Also, nice take on Celestia missing Twilight that deeply—haven’t seen that very often :twilightsmile: Thank you for this short read!

Thanks! I aim to please.

This is very interesting, I'm not necessarily a big fan of the way Luna talks and if this story was any longer in my mind that would in a way seem daunting. It's a nice quick little story not the thrilling adventures I'm use to reading but still entertaining as I've never seen this side to Celestia in anything thing before, being dragged down by Sunset shimmer but empowered by twilight and truly loving her.

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