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Sweetie is having the worst cramps of her filly life.

Thanks to a misunderstanding and a little ignorance, she now thinks she's pregnant.

How will she tell the others, what will she learn, and who could the father be?!

Rated teen for 'misunderstandings'.

Alt. Endings, you choose!

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You.... ARE the father!!!!

all i have to say is, WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ!? MOCHA! why!? :rainbowlaugh: im done, im just done, rip in pieces me XD


What he said.
:unsuresweetie: Spike you touched Rarity
:raritystarry: Oh dear
:facehoof: You're setting a fine example Spike!
:moustache: I sure am. . .

6631935 :facehoof:

I may have to edit the last chapter... That was perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

I would say something; but I've heard of a girl who was convinced that making out led to pregnancy so actually this makes quite a lot of sense.

OMFG. I'm sitting here, in my room, at 4 am, my family sleeping just down the hallway, just trying not to explode into laughter. AMAZING! FAVE! UPBOAT! ERRYTING!

Here's all my moustaches! Take them! :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:


Great shorter story!

I would love o hear that conversation

Yyyyyyyyyyeah....no. This could've been funny if that last chapter didn't veer horribly into cringe territory. You didn't really do this well at all.

I know, I know.

It's the seasons, they affect me. However, good effort on my part and I just needed to try something different. It's more of an ironic dark humor. :pinkiecrazy:


Although, the last few paragraphs were quite well written and thought out!

Very well written!
Have a like!:twilightsmile:

I kinda agree with Moth here, this last bit sorta killed it. But two thirds amazing is still pretty great.

What would you suggest I change, if I we're to make an alt happier ending chapter?
6632725 same^^

6634359 You sort of turned it into a massively dramatic, tense, unpleasant "LET'S KILL THE PEDO!" thing, then suddenly went "Oops, we done goofed!! Well haha, ain't that funny." Once you got to the point where they were all tense and serious and ready to burn Mr. Cake at the stake and all the princesses were there and angry, you completely killed any comedy this story had, ever.

... OOO!
Multiple endings are possible

6634359 Honestly, I think you should have had Celestia wipe eveypony's memory, and then tell Rarity that she needs to give Sweetie Belle "the talk." In the real world, with so many witnesses, this would definitely start a rumor that Mr. Cake is a pedophile


New silly chapter added fer yer viewing pleasure!

I used to think if someone touched your belly button it made you pregnant. So when my brothwr touched my belly button I screamed to my mom, telling her I was pregnant.

6637696 :rainbowhuh: You mean that's now how it works?

I'd better swallow more watermelon seeds and think this over.

Dramatic ending?! I consider this the silly ending! :rainbowlaugh:

:facehoof: what did I just read:rainbowlaugh:

Also the new cover!:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Sun Struck deleted Nov 16th, 2015


Brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant. But, for me, it gets hard to read/watch really awkward things. Take the last few episodes of the first season of Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

It was all because of the shipping in those episodes. The oh so horrible shipping.

But still, I approve of this story, even if it did get into that awkward territory. :twilightblush:

6636931 will you have the Princess wipe their memories?


I'm actually working on that.

I have to make it fit the timeline but not be a carbon copy of another chapter.

Tuesday night, it should be ready.
But, it'll be silly; hope that's okay.

6639433 oh ok, no worries, I thought you were just planning to rewrite the dramatic ending so that Celestia wipes their memories instead of just ordering them not to talk about it.


Going for a multiple ending thing.
First time, but I think having a few options is a great thing.

Maybe some one doesn't want drama.
Or wants something more cheesy.

This'll be my trial on that topic.

I've gotten a few PM's about the 'tone' of the chapter, so even though it's more deep and thought out, this ending is not everyone's favorite. I have 2 more endings, 1 done as of now and one more in the works.

Who knows, maybe I'll have an ending for each tag? :D


I understand. It'll get better, like the first few episodes of season 2: LOK

6641351 don't spoil. Because spoilers be the worst. :D

Mocha Star where is the next chapter for this story

I hit publish to soon, give me a few hours.
Still have to have it edited and everything.


Oh, wow...
I just... Wow.
These endings just keep getting better and better!



I faved this fic because of the comedic misunderstanding, I didn't expect actual sadness, dammit! :pinkiesad2:


Holy shit.
These endings started of silly, then just got sadder and sadder.
At least in this one she hopefully ends up fine.


Is the time of year.

My gloomy time.

Plus, I'm trying to get every tag!

Just for fun.

And now, with so many dates, she really is pregnant. :fluttercry:


:flutterrage: Who touched you!
:unsuresweetie: Mr. Cake!
:twilightangry2: WHERE?!
:unsuresweetie: My cutie mark!!!
:facehoof::trollestia: case dismissed....

Poor sweetie belle. All because of a simple misunderstanding:fluttercry:

What's with rarity having like a fake mane color and voice? Did I miss something?


She dyes them, so sayeth my AU reference to her vanity.
(If Mayor Mare can, there must be others.)

I'm sorry, but I don't understand ANYTHING that is going on anymore. I'm out. :unsuresweetie:

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