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i write stories sometimes. your resident lightning dust apologist


Flurry Heart tries to warn her father of the impending apocalypse. Shining Armor thinks his daughter has a lovely imagination.

My first attempt at writing a comedic(ish) story! Do be gentle haha. This is an entry into the Shining Armor is a Terrible Dad Competition! I don’t think there’s a worse thing a dad can do than cheerfully ignore the apocalypse, do you?

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also, lmao

This was pretty funny for your first attempt at comedy.

Delightfully goofy :D

Uhm, I think the idea is good, but the grammar is awful. It hurt and was confusing to read. However, you only get better through effort and positive criticism.

thanks for the criticism! i’ll work on getting better in the future!

Great story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Have a picture of Flurry Heart in armor:

It was kinda hard to tell; was she just LARPing?

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