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Shortly after leaving the Crystal Empire castle to live a more humble and ordinary life among their subjects, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor decide to have a foal. Instead, they get two, and they couldn't be happier. They tried.

Skyla is a normal, if very hungry, alicorn filly. Her sister Inova is a reborn human, though nopony knows that, not even herself.

This is a substantial rewrite of the original story, with some new scenes, better writing, and a few things removed as well. Chapters will be released when they're good and ready, instead of evil and unprepared.

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A couple years after moving out of the Crystal Empire castle to live alongside and more like their subjects, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor decide that they are ready to have a foal. They got twin alicorn fillies, and couldn't be happier (they tried).

One of these fillies is Skyla, and aside from being an alicorn, is pretty much normal. The other one is Inova, a (literally) reborn human.

Now has a redux version.

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After a funeral, Celestia finds herself wondering about what happens after a pony dies. After some research and preparation (with help from Luna), she embarks on a trip to the place nopony has ever returned from. Turns out the afterlife landscape is far from what anypony could have expected.

Don't worry, Celestia lives at the end.

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I thought it was just going to be a regular Thorsday morning. At least I did when I went to sleep last night. I never planned on waking up in a familiar yet alien body. Then again, you never really do plan that without the proper technology or magic ready.

I will make references to plenty of things. Some will be subtle, others blatant. If you can manage to figure out what the title references, you get 555 free internets (redeemable absolutely nowhere!). Firebirdbtops won the 555 internets. Congratulations.

Part of the PonyEarthverse.

While this may be my second fanfic (my other one's on dA), I will consider it my first one due to wonderful inspiration and a better plan. All advice is appreciated.

Cover image is fanart of Technia done by Pascal when she got a spot in The Invisible Brony Defense Force.

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