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One day, Fluttershy wakes up only to find herself in a changed world. Ponyville and Equestria are not how she remembers them: airships cross the sky, steam-powered machinery drives the economy and the rule of Celestia is no more. In this strange alternate world, Fluttershy reunites with her dear friends and learns of the event that changed history itself. Worse, the timid pegasus seems to have arrived just in time to witness the rapidly approaching climax of a civil war that has been raging for three hundred years...

Chapters (40)
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Comments ( 523 )

Steampunk huh? I'll read this later.

Steamponies! I love steamponies!

Hah that was great! Can't wait to see where this goes.

I haven't read this and I already love it :twilightsmile:

That was great! Can't wait for chapter 2!

Wow. This is really good, I look forward to chapter 2. Also Fluttershy needs to get back home.:fluttercry:

faved, tracked, and commented.

This has much promise. Much promise indeed.

Noooo.... Twilight tell us so we aren't so bloodie lost in time!!!

After sweeping her feet on the doormat... FEET. I am fairly certain ponies have hooves. Anyway, I look forward to reading on.:pinkiehappy:

Ah, it seems that mistake slipped by both me and my pre-reader. Fixed it now. Thanks for noticing!
And many thanks to all who left a review or favourited my story. Your support is much appreciated!

Thank the author... I love friendshipping but romance... particularly MLP romance (because it is so often one-gendered, and that's not my preference) is just... something I get edgy around.



Mild Hetero-ship is fine with me, but homo-ship makes me cringe...

*flees incoming crap-storm

We shall weather it together my straight friend! Stand with me against the hate! :rainbowdetermined2:

458360 I care not who is being shipped with who except for Fluttershy. I can't read shipping about Fluttershy.

460530 Ah, I can understand how you would have difficulty with any shipfics of the universe's resident shrinking violet.

Don't get me wrong, I know it's not my place to judge the author and other readers' views on shipping, and I am far to aware of the insufficient ratio of stallions to mares that lends itself to homo-shipping, but at the same time... the story, and the characters, all points in the opposite direction in terms of relationships. Girls still universally swoon over the guys, and guys are still clueless.
If anything, this just makes me think that the majority of the stallions in Equestria are in the military and far away, or in the big cities. Makes finding the right guy all the more special of a story.
Do you understand my POV here?

460598 Well then we are at least on the same... well, webpage.

It's nice to be able to talk about this kind of thing without suffering backlash though. I thank you for that. Most people would have just raged, at least from my personal experience.

Rainbow went rebel... now that does NOT surprise me. This must escalate soon... and poor Pinkie!

(spews out soda)

And I thought this story couldn't get any more shocking, you throw super-depressed Pinkie (which in and of itself seems like a violation of nature) and Rainbow Dash as a soldier for the other side of a civil war.
Sweet Celestia!

So it that why Twilight didn't want to talk about Celestia, because she's the leader of Royal Army of the Royal Kingdom of Equestria?

462113 Rainbow Dash = Loyalty.

Rainbow would be loyal to the Princess to the end.

Yes, this really does make sense.

462745 So then why is she on the other side? Unless...

Le GASP! -:pinkiegasp:-
Celestia got deposed and the country is now run by a parliament! Someone! get me the schematics for the Orbital Friendship Cannon!

And this chapter is what causes me to favourite the story. Bravo, dear author.


We're sorry, but the OFC is banned by the Republic of Equestria's charter. Please submit any other illegal weapons you have to the state immediately and turn yourself in. It will be easier in the long run.


Okay, that scared me. Too bad your empire lacks space capability... not like you can get to The Fringe easily... let alone find our capital city of Dust. I bid thee try.

I also warn thee that Equestria is not the entire world... and I have friends in Cervica. If you think unicorns are bad... imagine a creature with ten unicorn horns and magic to match. Your airships are nothing.


What makes you so certain our commercial airships are the same model our air force uses? And believe me, we have ways of nullifying unicorn magic.

I also fail to see the need to reach the Fringe. The Republic of Equestria is quite self-sufficient. We have little need for diplomatic relations with other countries.


Poor Fluttershy, this is all so much... oh yeah, and poor all the others as well. Twilight with no Spike, a depressed Pinkie, Rainbow in the war and Celestia in the dungeons. Life sucks.

Noooo~ :fluttershbad:

We must find out what happened to Applejack and Rarity too! :raritycry:

But like I said. Rainbow Dash, Loyalty, of course she'd be with the Royalists. :rainbowdetermined2:

This crapsack world needs to be woken up. Badly.

And where are the insignia of harmony?

Well, you know the saying: things have to get worse before they get better.

Funny you'd ask, since the fate of the Elements is, if everything goes according to plan, going to be revealed next chapter, along with the next big shocker that'll make people spew out their soda when they read it.

509079 Then I will avoid liquids before reading, to protect my computer.

Woah. And I thought screwing with time and splitting up the six were bad. This is just...YIKES!

Damn, talk about a curve ball there with Luna. I must say I am impressed with how this one is shaping up. Keep up the great work!

Luna and Discord... just gone? those miserable sheep-eaters! They will pay for their crimes and the crimes of their forefathers. Steel Gears... was this what you planned? Is this what you wanted?! Your future sucks! I reject your reality and substitute my own! Where is Twilight's time-travel spell?

(spews soda)

CELESTIA, NOOOO :raritycry:

WE WILL FREE YOU SOON MY PRINCESS :rainbowdetermined2:

Well, this is horrifyingly dark. :raritydespair:

Dear Celestia, I feel your pain and sorrow.



I mean, good Lord! That has got to be the darkest chapter yet!

This must end. The lady of the sun has suffered far too long, and far too deeply. Technology is not always a blessing. Guns are technology.

Hmm... I anticipate a jailbreak and some steampunk twilight technomancy. YES.

I really should put up a happy chapter before all my readers die from dehydration due to crying so much. XD

I hope this chapter will manage to prevent my readers shedding more tears. Have some Flutterdawww. :twilightsmile:

That's a good idea, since you're about to hit us with some pretty heavy manic Pinkie depression. At least, that's where it seems to be heading.

I have not yet commented but I have to say I'm really loving this story. Even just the informational parts were super interesting and intriguing. This whole new world is well built and I always look forward to updates.

Just thought you might like me letting you know how much I appreciate this! :rainbowkiss:

Very good writing so far! Keep up the good work, it's progressing really well!

Pinkie... :rainbowderp:

Please be okay. :pinkiesad2:

Fluttershy is happy? Then I am happy.:yay: Also I just realised, out of all the Fluttershy emoticons, only one of them is good, the others are angry or upset, why?:fluttercry:

You weren't kidding when you said you were going to make happy chapters.

So glad to see Pinkie happy again :pinkiehappy:!

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