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Honey Mead

"In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant." Well for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.


Civil war is brewing in Equestria, and Celestia is having none of that.

(Inspired by Mr.Number's The Demesne of the Reluctant Twilight Sparkle and Chuckfinley's The Quiet Equestrian. You should read them, they are much, much better stories and writers.)

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A few years after Twilight and Celestia's marriage, they begin to worry that their obligations to the job are interfering with their obligations to each other. So they decide to take a break. A few spells and perfectly legal papers later, and they are ready to start their lives as Sunny Skies and Dusky Sparks, just your average, everyday, married couple living and working in a suburb of Manehatten.

(Non chronological story, with many chapters based on prompts for the Twilestia Group Collab.)

Rated T for Tantalizing.

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After almost two decades working under Princess Celestia, Chronicle has... acclimated to his position as her seneschal. The process was rarely easy and never comfortable, but he did it. He's learned the ins and outs of making sure the palace runs smoothly, keeping De Cuisine happy, Fitted Sheet from destroying his paperwork, the nobility occupied, and even managed to pickup some politics along the way.

Every year, H.R.H. Princess Celestia chooses a different city to host the Summer Sun Celebration. Unfortunately, her absence from Canterlot doesn't stop the palace from hosting one of the largest parties in the Equestrian Diarchy. If everything goes according to plan, Chronicle will be able to spend the evening in the privacy of his solar, waking up just in time to see the sun rise on the thousandth consecutive Summer Sun Celebration.

(A prequel of sorts to Tundara's epic story Myths and Birthrights.)

Twilight's Library Approved

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{Inspired by Bad Horse's far superior work Moments, which you should read first, because it's better.}

Luna knows what is about it happen. Celestia and Twilight have failed to find an alternative, and she is not willing to risk the world she has grown to love on the off chance that another solution can be found in time.

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Random one-shots that revolve around Fancypants and Fleur de Lis.
These are a collection of stories focusing on one, the other, or both characters.
These stories are not necessarily connected, and they appear in no particular order.

Pink Beard and the Dread Pirate Lillies - Fancypants is accosted by the a pair of infamous air pirates
Anniversaries - Fancypants and Fleur retell the story of their third Anniversary, or was it their second?
Night Terrors - Fancypants wakes up in the middle of the night to find his wife missing.
How a Lady Kisses - Fleur and Rarity share an intimate moment.

Read, enjoy, comment, and favorite.
(Teen for potential adult themes.)

Chapters (4)

(Written for Fallout: Equestria group's 600/700 member competition.)
The Enclave is founded on Loyalty, but some Loyalties are stronger than others.

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Celestia is a wise ruler and a great teacher. Her methods, however, can be a little unorthodox.

Twilight Sparkle is any teacher's dream student, but she really doesn't like bees.

(editing by: Tundara and Azdella)

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[10/10 The Equestrian Critics Society] [Featured on EQD] [Twilight's Library Approved]
Having a morning ritual allows a pony to prepare for the coming day with a minimum of thought, thus freeing their minds to contemplate everything from the past to the future... for some this is less than ideal.

Editing: Tundara and Flea Candy

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(9/10 Equestrian Critics Society)
The Sun and Moon no longer shine over the alabaster walls of Canterlot. A darkness long forgotten has begun to seep through the cracks and erode the morality of those it touches. But at the edge of the light there is shadow, holding back the darkness

Episode 1: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
The Royal Sister Music Hall is reopening after being closed for renovations for almost two years. Everypony whose anypony will be there, including two ponies who haven't shown their faces in Canterlot for nearly a decade. Some scars can be painful no matter how old... others can be down right deadly.

Many thanks to those who helped:
Ponky for helping with the characters, inspiration, and editing.
Steel Wing for editing my mess of words.
Saddlesoapopera for more help with characters
Doomande For constantly putting up with me.
Eventorizon For more help Pre-reading

Awesome art by: Rattlesire

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It was a dark and stormy night... Wait, no, that's not right... Hold on a second... Ah here we go.
It was just another normal(1) day in the Unseen Library, until L-space opened up and sucked the Librarian into a different universe populated by pastel ponies.
Meanwhile, in a pastel castle on a pastel mountain, three princesses happened to be in the wrong library at the wrong time and, well, I think you see where this is going.

(The author hereby warns the reader that to expect anything approaching a coherent story or plot structure is pure folly... or in his own words. "I'm doing it for the Lolz.")

For your listening pleasure

(This is a comedy story using Discworld and its inhabitants(2) along with Equestria and its inhabitants(3).)
(1) For any given value of 'normal'
(2)Owned by Terry Pratchett
(3) Owned by Hasbro
(I am aware of the other, kinda similar, crossover.)

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