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Sea Otter Druid-Bard that enjoys gaming, writing, commissioning artwork for her (his) stories. Currently floating somewhere on the Northwest coast contemplating the stars.


Need advice · 3:20am January 11th

So, I've encountered a hic-cup with the Sunset/Battle Sisters story; I am terrible at writing sci-fi stuff. Like, the interior of the ships, the vehicles she sees, and so on. How much do I describe, how little, what do I focus on, but most importantly; I have NO CLUE what the inside of an Imperial warship is like...

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New Interlude for the Rariad! · 12:00am Dec 4th, 2020

A new interlude has been posted for the Rariad, taking place between parts 6 and 7. So, um, yeah, you can go read that, I guess? If you want to, I suppose. :yay:

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A Tiny Snippet of Cut Content; Rariad 15 · 6:08pm Nov 2nd, 2020

Sometimes while writing you get distracted by other things and ideas randomly popping in and contaminating a story. I play a decent amount of World of Warships, and have always enjoyed naval history, and while trying to figure out more of Hephaestus' personality and how to write him, well, the couple pages below happened. The initial idea that caused me to go down this path was the simple question of, 'What did he think of the Benevolence of Beauty? Did he see that as a challenge?' I thought

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Revising Rariad: Part 13. · 9:46pm Oct 12th, 2020

I never thought I'd do this, but I've made a moderately substantial alteration to a published chapter. In the originally posted version, Rarity indicates that she learned from Nyx how to affect the strands of Beauty, and use it to make Dido release Trixie and the other Benevolencians.

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Bardcore... · 7:29pm Jun 21st, 2020

Is the shining light I didn't know I needed, here to rescue 2020 from the depths of the abyss to which it has sunk.

And my favourite so far;

I have my writing music for the next several stories. I have my coffee. I have a nice, warm, bright, yet also overcast day. I have a sandwich.

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Midnight ramblings... · 7:29am Jun 8th, 2020

So, first off, there are two chapters of the Rariad that are nearing or been completed. After a few rough patches, I'm rather pleased with how both are turning out.

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Myths and Birthrights: COMPLETED! · 9:38pm Apr 3rd, 2020

After 8 years, Myths and Birthrights has been marked with the 'Completed' tag.

It has been a long, arduous, and amazing journey writing this story. There were more than a few times that I didn't think I'd every finish, that it would just fizzle away like almost every other novel or multi-chapter story I've tried to write. 'Sins of the Ancients', in particular, haunted me, and I was very concerned that Myths would suffer the same fate.

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March Update Blog; Or, Where is Chapter 25?!?! · 8:17pm Mar 1st, 2020

It's being worked on, I promise! It's just very slow going due to the usual host of factors, and a few unexpected ones.

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Writing Music; The Finale · 8:24pm Jan 14th, 2020

First up, I just want to thank everyone for all the wonderful support, comments, and interest in the latest chapter of Myths, and Longest Night. May be surprising, but I see almost as many new comments and likes on Longest Night as I do Myths whenever a new chapter is published.

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A Huge Thank You · 5:05pm Sep 21st, 2019

I wanted to thank everyone for your kindness and support. Your response was more than I hoped. Between Ko-Fi and the direct donations you all sent me just shy of 250$ Canadian, which managed to alleviate a number of my worries for the next little while at least. Again, my deepest thanks! I love you all so much!

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