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A class field trip gets the Cutie Mark Crusaders talking about their parents. And an off-hoof comment by Apple Bloom gets Scootaloo wondering about something. She goes to Applejack to commiserate.

Revolves around S9E12, The Last Crusade, though that's maybe a spoiler.

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I really liked this story because it starts off like it's a "where do ponies come from?" piece (which was very funny!), then it could have become a "where do ponies go" story, but ends up as a really nice "what are ponies made of" (sterner stuff in Applejack's case).

I liked where it was going, and then it just stopped. :(

Posh #4 · Aug 2nd, 2022 · · 2 ·

"My stupid parents took forever to sign this permission slip!" She moaned and bumped her forehead against the floor.


Far be it for me to argue against good old-fashioned Apple family angst, but... wasn’t there a whole episode where all the Apple kids knew that their parents were dead? And I don’t think the characters at this point in the series would buy into such easy euphemisms as this. It feels like season one Apple Bloom in season nine Apple Bloom’s body.

I think the premise is interesting, but you’ve set it at a point in the timeline where it doesn’t quite work to me, sorry to say.

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it's literally what came to mind immediately after watching that episode :B

11319703 *raises my eyebrow like a Dreamworks character on a movie poster*

oh? you WATCH? Thing??

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I watch it like the football!

Jail for me for one thousand years. :V

y u do dis

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I like when the sads make me go haha

On one hand this is a heart-wrenching story about how we deal with loss -both as children and as adults- but on the other the beginning made me think of this.

Applejack finds out she and Scootaloo share a deep, hidden pain.

Absentee lesbian aunts?

Author Interviewer

That is a classic. :D

How dare you make me feel >:0

Well I know my next story.

You're so mean to Applejack probably for the same reason that Sensational Serials contains "Unfortunate Applejack"; out of the entire cast, she's probably the least deserving of misfortune, so it's funnier when it happens to her.

Her barn collapses for no reason: Funny.

Her parents are dead while "on vacation" and Scootaloo's are actually away for work and not dead at all: Sidesplitting.

She's an unnatural abomination born from the sap of a wounded apple tree while other earth ponies were born from stones planted in the ground: Hilarious.

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this guy gets it :D

You've seen my review already, but this fic's ending is incredibly stupid. In a funny way, which is less common in stupid ponyfic than I'd like. Bravo.

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This is the sort of experience I strive to provide. :3

I was wondering why this had the 'random' tag up until the very end.

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it never lies :3

That's actually part of the reason I questioned it being there. You're one of the few authors on the site who really gets what kind of stories are actually supposed to have it (also, Fiddlebottoms comes to mind) and the story seemed so normal up until the very end.

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