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Thank you so very much for the fave on Wolf in Pony's Clothing. I hope you like the sequels and prequels whenever you get a chance to read them.

EDIT as of 6/25: And thanks for the latest fave!

OOoh, that sounds great, and as long as your stories are as good as they are now, I will keep hanging. :)
(And in my experience stories only get better as the author keeps writing)
Will be starting on Amber's story today, been looking forward to that since she was introduced, but I try to go as chronological as possible.

No need to apologize. As much as I’m happy you came forward with this comment, I totes get that it can be easier said than done at times. That said, I am a pretty chill bun if you ever do feel like dropping a comment, and I’ll certainly be happy to hear what you have to say no matter what it is :scootangel:

Haha yeah, I didn’t even want to write a whole story for Sunset’s origins, but then I thought of that headcanon and it was just like... how could I not write that? As for her parents, they’ll definitely be coming up later. I have this story I’m planning, The Grand Equestrian Soap Opera (that’s, uh, a working title :twilightblush:) which will prominently feature like every character and touch on every plot point in the series so far. It’s the finale of the first phase of Who We Become, and it should prove to be pretty awesome. Or it’ll blow up horribly. One of the two :yay: That’s quite a ways off, though, so hopefully you’ll be sticking around for the long haul :raritywink:

Currently chewing myself through "Who We Become" and with your hints about more stories, I figured it was about time.
I am sorry I haven't commented on anything, mostly because I am horrible ridiculously bad at it and a tad shy about it. ( I swear I am going to stare at this comment for at least five minutes before I get the courage to press post)

So I guess I should say this now, when I might actually be able to say it, but I really like your headcanon for Sunset being stuck in the human world, it is a brilliant explanation for how the timeline could even work. And I general I quite like your take on Sunset, and I really, really hope you will write more about her relationship with her parents, as I find it very intriguing, particularly in contrast with the other families in the series.

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