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Secrets beckon to all humans but only the foolish and ignorant search for what is not meant to be discovered. Such is the fate of men.


Lagnus the Raven is a old and very experienced hunter who was once one of the many close apprentices of Gehrman the First Hunter, but what happens when Lagnus is finally killed and ends up in Equestria? Lagnus now finds himself in a alien world filled with pastel colored ponies. Lagnus may think his hunting carrier is over now but little does he know a group of mages with evil intentions had came with him to Equestria. Now the hunt shall begin again...

Warning if you don't know Bloodborne lore or have a rough idea of its story you won't get most references in the story and be able to put together what it all means. But if you wish to continue anyways be my guest. I have also but my own twist into the lore so just be warned lore obsessers. Lore is meant to be taken differently for everyone so if its not up to what Vaati Vidia, or Silver Mont says the lore is remember all lore is interpreted differently for each person!

Anyways guys I have worked for a good month to get this first chapter and the story in general to be up and running so I hope ya'll like it, and I hope it does well!

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About thirty years after the last Dragonborn Rathion defeated Alduin, the world was again disturbed by a new dragon named Secronel Nistrn the two beings fought furiously till Secronel opened a portal and threw the two into a now world. The world was filled with color and life just like Skyrim but it was too joyful for the two. Now both are separated and these ponies are about to encounter a Demonic Dragon drives by madness and Revenge. While the Argonian male was driven by hatred for dragons and the many Daedric lords he served loyally.

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Three thousand years ago the alicorn swine of Equis destroyed the Human race. We helped them thrive and build up their empires but they turned on us. We were considered scum and too chaotic to be left alive. Unfortunately they won and slayed every last human but a young boy... The young boy was a last attempt at saving humanity. He was a normal orphan but humanity turned him into something greater. He became a human with psychokinesis and other telekinetic powers. He is named Alpha 302-X7Z but was originally known as Xavier...

These ponies wiped out his race and now they will pay with their lives along with everything else they hold dear!

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I am the Burnt Ivory king and this is my new life in Equestria. I am now stuck in the land of Technicolor ponies and rainbows

Please before reading this learn about the lore of the souls series from dark souls 1 and 2 to get a better understanding of whats going on in the story.

If you like this story and want similar content take a look at my story Sir Alonne

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Seth the angel of saints jumps into battle and faces off with the mighty abyss lord.

These two souls will clash and only one will come out victorious who will it be?

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Warning before reading I recommend you have a good understanding of dark souls 1 and 2 lore. Other wise you won't understand much of this.

I am sir Alonne and I was just slain by a undead who bested me at sword play. I died a honorable death and now I am stuck in a world of technicolor ponies and I am public enemy number 1. Now I have to survive and prove myself as a friend!

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This story is a sequel to darkness spreads to the realms of equestria

I am trapped in the universe of midevil darkness with six other ponies and we were allabducted by the same dark force! We intend to give it a peace of our mind and show it whose boss!

These characters belong to their proper owners

The 4 abyssalite kings
Jasphieer the lord of insanity- The hatter/Eternal shadows/darker shadows

Marcus the reaper lord - Dark the undertaker

Void - Utopian king

Shadow lord Vortex - Dash attack

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As of this morning everything was normal but at 11:00 Pm when a huge storm hit I was teleported to the land of technicolor ponies! I am now also in the body of my faveorate dark souls boss! ORNSTEIN THE DRAGON SLAYER!!!

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It all started when the abyss lord awakened now equestria shall suffer from his wrath! Its now up to necrosis to defeat Oblivion and save the world! but it shan't be easy! Follow Necrosis through this adventure he has to brave and watch and cheer for him as he works his way up to defeat the terrible Abyss Lord Oblivion!

Epic fight music included!
Main characters
Oblivion the abyss lord

This is marked in the GORE category for heavy blood and guts along with extremely graphic scenes

This Fanfiction is rated teen for swearing excessive gore

This is marked ulternite universe because the story jumps between the Abyss and Equestria
I also use reference humor ya know if your a guy who loves horror and gore along with demon etc YOU'LL LOVE THIS!
Warning this story contains mass amounts of gore and mild swearing you have been warned

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