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Alright! Hello everyone and welcome to my little account, I guess I should give everyone a small introduction to myself if you just happen to stumble across me.

I'm Current (yes, like the wave current), personally, I'm kinda a nobody. But maybe I can make something here. I quite like to write in my free time and have lots of ideas to work with at the moment when I'm making this. So I'm just going to leave some basic facts here and see what you all think.

Favorite Character: (Does rule 63's count? Probably...) Rainbow Blitz or Sunset Shimmer.
Favorite of the Main 6: Dash.
Favorite Villian: Aria Blaze, Dazzlings
Favorite Ship: Sundash (Sunset x Rainbow).
Second Favorite Ship?: Aria Blaze x Rainbow Dash and Twidash. It's a full on tie. Sorry FedEx
Place of living: I currently live in Pittsburgh, moving to New York soon though!
Hobbies: Writing, hockey, fooling around with glasses. Anything entertaining.
Age: Old enough.
Favorite Princess: Luna :scootangel:

Well, now you know a bit about me! Hope this helps on future stories. Cheers! (Wishing there was a mug of cider emoji :raritydespair:).

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2216946 Oh, your story was really interesting and heartwarming. You really know how to make a reader stay to like your stories!

Thanks for favoriting I Make Her Happy. How'd I earn it?

Thanks for the follow. :yay:

Also, I like Rainbow too. :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for faving The Rainbow and The Comet. :yay:

Hey, thanks for adding The Soul's Savior to your favorites! If you don't mind me asking, how far are you into the story, and what is your favorite part so far?

Thanks, and don't forget to leave a comment!

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