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This story is a sequel to Vinyl and Octavia: Girl Friends

Having been dating Octavia for well over a year, Vinyl begins to realize that relationships and high school craziness aren't the easiest beats to throw down. The love she has for her cellist grows deeper and stronger every day, but so do the frustrations of growing up. In the second installment of our favorite musician couple, Vinyl will have to face the tough issues of being a teenager that include coming of age, a changing world, and even a new face in school hell bent on making everyone's life miserable. Join Vinyl Scratch as she delves deeper into the continuous journey of love and life.

Edited by OLIVER HELLFIRE. Thank you for taking up the baton, my friend. Editing is Magic!

Featured in February 2017!

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Being a complete introvert, Octavia is very surprised when a strange looking girl in her music class calls her a peculiar nickname. Her name is Vinyl Scratch, and for some reason, she acts like Octavia is her best friend! Who in the world is this girl???

Edited and Proofread by the very talented Shutup868

This story is heavily inspired by my love of Dawnfade's Vinyl and Octavia: University Days and my endearing love of Japanese yuri manga.

Got featured a while back and somepony was nice enough to point that out.

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Scootaloo has been bouncing from home to home for years until moving to Canterlot City with her new adopted mother. After making friends with two of the greatest girls in the world, she finally feels a sense of security in her life, and being in the same place long enough has allowed her to look up to and idolize a certain star soccer player. Now, with hope and newfound courage, Scootaloo makes the decision to chase her dreams of becoming someone and growing close to her longtime idol, but a crushing blow to her shattered heart puts an end to her emboldened aspirations.

It's up to her two best buddies in the whole world to help her realize her truth self worth and the power of love.

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Writer of Chapter 5: Such A Chlorbag

This story takes place after the events of my previous stories; Never Grow Apart and Never Drift Away. You are NOT REQUIRED to read those stories if all you came for is Scootaloo. :yay:

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Beauty was always easy for her to understand, but love is a completely different matter. A powerful attraction has come over her as Rarity explores her feelings and begins the adventure to discovering friendship, love, and everything in between! Every lady needs a knight to sweep her off her feet, right? That knight just so happens to wear flannel shirts and a cowboy hat!!! Join everyone's favorite Fashionista as she discovers what it really means to be in love during her fast times at Canterlot High!!! :heart::heart::heart:

The events of this story take place after the FlutterDash fic, Never Grow Apart. You don't have to read that beforehand if you desire not to. ^_^

Proofread by Shut868!!!
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Rainbow Dash has been rising the ranks of Canterlot High's athletics since her first day of school. Now, after years of training and hard work, she has become the captain for the soccer team again this year, and the school cannot wait to cheer her on for the big city wide tournament. With the best support group in the world, Rainbow Dash feels on top of the whole world! To make things even better, Dash now has a good friend on the team!
There's just one friend who isn't as happy.
Fluttershy can't help but feel as if the success of her friend is driving them farther and farther apart from each other. Even after spending all of middle school and high school gathering up her courage to tell Dash how she really feels, she may never get the chance now! Will she finally speak her mind and tell Rainbow Dash what her heart desires?

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