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Backflipping through reality at ludicrous speeds. What does RB stand for, anyway?

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I really need to stop writing stories like this.
I also really need to stop writing stories like this at four in the morning. The fact that this is a recurring problem probably says a lot.

That was really good. and kind of funny to me.

I love these kinds of stories! Especially when the characterizations and plausibilities are spot on!

Although I do agree that you shouldn't be writing at four in the morning, the fact that it has produced this speaks wonders for your capacity to create. Imagine if you were able to tap this capacity when you were fully awake in the daytime instead!

Neigh. Continue to write my little pony. As for Celestia, I give her two weeks.

Celestia should really get help in dealing with Daybreaker. I can see why Celestia is so disturbed by Daybreaker's voice it's rather scary and it distracts from the tasks at hoof.

Just one detail, notice how in the episode Luna calls Daybreaker by name WITHOUT being there for her introduction or being told what it was?... This implies this isn't the firs time this inner demon has shown up for Celestia.

You'd think Luna would be perfect for this.

  • Celestia trusts her
  • Luna has great experience dealing with the repressed fears of others
  • Luna would almost certainly sympathise with having an evil voice in your head
  • If all else fails, Luna could always just climb inside her sisters head and blast Daybreaker to smithereens manually

One problem with that last point: Luna specializes in fighting nightmares, like Scootaloo's dream of the Headless Horse. Daybreaker, however, is a part of Celestia's mind; to attempt to remove her by brute force could cause more harm than good.

More harm than leaving her in there?

That's a judgement call the two of them could make after all other options had failed.

needs the ‘Daybreaker’ tag

Why is this in a "Daybreaker + Nightmare Moon" group?

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