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I like to write stories about the shippings: TwiLuna, MoonLight, NightmareRarity, RariLuna, NightmareNightmare, ChryLight, TempestLight and LunaCord


After Celestia banished Nightmare Moon to the moon, she felt alone and with no one to have around. She wanted somepony to talk to her. Until one night somepony comes to talk to her. But it isn't one of its royal guards.

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wow this is very interesting I would not think that daybreaker would be the one to help celestia cope. I like itπŸ‘

I like this.

Daybreaker laughed, β€œI am you, Celestia. And I know all about you. I showed up when I realized you were sad and came to comfort you. What bothers you?”

This was a great, thoughtful read. Could definitely use some edits, but I could settle down and enjoy it without seeing them in every corner. Up here was what stood out the most to me. Daybreaker says she knows all about Celestia... but then asks 'what bothers you?' Seems like if she knew everything, she wouldn't have to ask.
Was still a sweet moment, and I liked this. Nice work.

very nice story ^^

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