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The Vigilant Owl: an underground network of specialists, who work in secret to protect the ponies of Equestria from harm. Spread throughout the continent, they use their unique gifts and talents to ensure that the populace can continue to live happily, ignorant of the horrors that lurk just out of sight.

Their newest member: Lyra Heartstrings, Truthseeker.

A Russian translation is being made by Wing Regent, and can be found here.
Fanart of Octavia and Pinkie by Ari-10.
And art of Bloo by Devil Sugar!

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Well this is neat. Short chapters, but its well paced and seems like a good setup for a series of short adventures

Hmm... pretty interesting so far. I'm curious to see what's coming.

These deserve more views ,they're really cute.

Whats your major?


7532401 Mechanical Engineering.

Nice, wish i could apply for that

Its probably fine, th3 dark tag is just for stories that are, themselves, dark. A story that has dark elements but is otherwise normal shouldn't need it.

Its amazing how you can write pinkie as an elderich abomination while changing nothing about her personality and there is no issue.

Lyra been blest by a deity of truth, how is she affected by a eldritch abomination, shouldn't she be protected? Not much of a point of being a truthseeker otherwise, if shes going to go mad ones she learns it.


7616068 Actually, she's more vulnerable to it than a normal pony. She has even less protection against things that she can't comprehend because her mind can't deny it.
Lyra's ability shows her the Truth of things, even if that truth is a painful or dangerous one.

How does this not have more attention?! O.o

That's a really impressive feat!

Okay, any fanfic whose cover pic indicates Pinkie Pie is a Lovecraftian Abomination has my attention...

Does this story have robots in it?

Ohh, now theres a twist and a half!

Its a shame this isn't more popular, there arent many fics with premises this original anymore


7887129 Aw, thanks!
There are, they're just... less frequent than one would wish.

Oh, hey! Lyra used her truthsense again! It feels like it's been a while since that's been pertinent.


7889498 Yeah... It should become increasingly more relevant, now that we're in the meat of things and the focus is back on Lyra.

What changed? I don't remember what was here before


7962673 The entire thing, really. Plot for the part's been tweaked, Pinkie's now in it, Bloo's character and her ability have been changed a bit, etc.
The really important changes happen next chapter.
I'm mainly doing this because the old ones were... pretty bad. When you see that your viewership gets cut in half after a particular chapter, it's a pretty good indication you've screwed up.
Especially when it's a particularly important part.

Well isn't this a fascinating story? Eagerly looking forward to more.

Well, that certainly fills in the gaps I tripped over the first time I read the story.

For just a moment, Lyra thought she could see something else in the space around the filly, embracing her, but it was impossible.

Dang. If Lyra can't make it out, it must be bizarre.

We definitely haven't seen the last of whatever was controlling Hollyleaf. The story's in the middle of a different plot thread at the moment, but I'll have to keep this one in mind.

Oh ho. This is a promising lead. Hopefully Vinyl will share anything relevant from the vampire correspondence. Withholding it wouldn't just hinder the investigation, it'd also give Bon Bon an excuse.

Vinyl Scratch: has lived for centuries, never heard the word "botany" before. Well then.

In any case, this is one heck of a cliffhanger. Looking forward to more.

Wow! :pinkiehappy:This fic is really good! Interesting concept, nice characters, intiguing stories. I'm looking forward to reading more.
And this fic definitiely deserves to be more popular!:heart:

Yeah, there's still an unsolved mystery at large. It's likely just a matter of time before it makes itself known again.

Still, nice work with the Bon Bon/Vinyl arc. Not all monsters have fangs, and not all the fanged are monsters. An important lesson in this line of business.


This serial has easily been the hardest to write so far, largely because I went into it without a clear vision of what I was trying to write in the first place, so I'm glad I at least managed to carry the core idea through all that weirdness.

Seems like an interesting concept....let's see if it holds.

This is a different thing. Lyra makes for an interesting choice as protagonist. Overall, the small snippets work well to things, as they paint a scene for quick grabbing. They don't run on, they get done pretty much as feels natural. So good luck on writing more.

“And besides, that’s Photo Finish’s job! Oh, we’re here!”

Fatal Frame: Mask of Luna

Yeah, the old "god in humble guise" trick doesn't work well when you're in the same town as the champion of Truth. Fortunately, this is Ponyville. If any town can have a pony that will look past the title and see the exhausted pony underneath, it's this one.

Still, the state of the national subconscious is worrying, to say nothing of Lyra's. Here's hoping both get better rather than worse, though I can't say I'm terribly confident about that.

Just found this story, read every bit of it, and I'm hungry for m thanks for the great story.

I look to the chapter, the story, and I wonder. Oh how I wonder. But thanks for the fun start to this arc.

I will hold the opinion that I've always held.
Namely, that Pinkie is a benevolent eldritch being from Between Places that has compressed itself into the form of a pony and exists and assists because that amuses it. Staring into her mind would be like staring into the time vortex, except it is made of infinite parties.

In other notes, I am actually quite interested so far. This is quite intriguing, and I think I will enjoy the fic to come.

I must admit my growing affection for this fic.

The rest of the villagers either ran off in fear or fell to the ground in gibbering, frothing madness. Chalcedony Quartz, however, took a determined step forwards. The Choosing Stone had revealed this creature to be his soulmate, and by the Stone he was going to make. It. Work.

Also, this? This is hilarious.
Keep it up.

Worst vacation ever? At the gery peast, I'll be surprised if it doesn't crack the top ten.

Also, intriguing additional members of the Owls. I look forward to meeting them. And the malformed monstrosities.

Not only is this story quite fascinating, it is also quite a bit of fun. I get very much Skin Horse vibes from it, which is a good thing, I assure you.

I don't think she will. If there was less at risk, maybe, but in this case, the life and existence of a good friend is at stake. Vinyl won't do anything that endangers her, methinks.

Good to see this is still updating: adding it to tracking, let's see where this goes.

Nine total victims.
Only eight actual serial killings.
One body that was not wrapped in a sheet, who was also the only stallion of the bunch.

I think it's safe to say that the odd one out is the non-serial killing.

So, earth pony stallion with a name like Mountain Carpet. I would say that his talents most probably lay in a small number of professions, most likely landscaping or, perhaps, camouflage? An agent or a mercenary, perhaps? But they noted nothing suspicious about him...

I like Apporoth. No riddles, no runaround. his chosen champion asks a questions and get a direct and logical answer. more gods need to be like Apporoth.


And I have spent the last two weeks wondering what it is you wonder, and I have decided I can wonder no longer. So I ask you now, passing wanderer, what is it you wonder about?

I shouldn't have laughed at this, but I did, and I feel so much the better for this little comment to break the funk I had been in. No disparaging in the laugh, but the idea you lodged in there with it.

I'm wondering, just how much"Science! albeit mad" by some folks, we are getting to see in the upcoming chapters.

That thought decided to mollywhop me in re-reading this again. Just the kind of transient folks or natural animals that someone has picked up trying to perfect a particular bit a la mureau, or whatever the beastie doc was called. And this is him more or less cleaning his pens for trying again.

I'm thinking lyra here is going to see what they are, not what they've been transmogged into, but getting the rest (especially octavia) to curtail, (and excusing that bad pun) what she had been doing.


From my notes:

A lie-detector, a changeling, a noble, a werewolf, a lich, a buffalo, and Bon Bon walk into a saloon.

It's times like these I remember why I like this universe.

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