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Backflipping through reality at ludicrous speeds. What does RB stand for, anyway?


Daring Do needs an expert in ancient seapony languages. Minuette needs a vacation. Moondancer just needs to get out of the house more.

An entry into An honourable mention in Shrink Laureate's Season 9 Bingo contest. Check out the other entries here!
Cover art by Mutterbutter of the Fimfiction Discord.

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FYI, I've been writing over a thousand words a night until like 2-3 am for the past five nights to get this done in time for the deadline tomorrow and the final cut-off date next week, so maybe don't expect Shakespeare, but also like I've written over 8000 words in the last five days and I'm super wired right now, send help

I thought you weren’t serious


*sends caffiene*. Those words won't write themselves, y'know

(this bingo competition really seems to be bringing out some awesome stuff)


Heck yeah! It's a pretty nifty little competition. I'm looking forward to reading through all the entries myself.

Lyra is always acceptable and appreciated. (On that note, I should be sending some Lyra your guys' way soon.)

I'm always serious.


then doe that mean

Missing the 's' in 'does'

the sky.It’s shadow

Missing space after the period

Moondancer snorted. “Us? Minuette, no offence, but we’re not exactly ‘save the world’ material, here.”

"What, you didn't take that elective at Celestia's School? Could've sworn I saw you in there."
"That was probably Twilight."

Great work in conveying the alien sensation of transformation.

Wow. Those dogs have very impressive lung capacity.

Loving this so far. Eagerly looking forward to more.

Why isn't there a Daring Do tag?

So Moondancer, Minuette, and Twinkleshine? Interesting. Makes it seem like the run in with Twilight and them was inevitable.

Probably because she's a minor if vital character. She appears at the beginning to set things in motion, and end to wrap things up, but while she is mentioned, most of the story doesn't focus on her. The tags are supposed to be main, or at least major, characters. Were she tagged, it's possible that readers would be disappointed in how little she is involved. It would be kind of like before the character limit, when some readers would try to include the tag for every pony who appeared in the story, even if it was only for one paragraph or sentence.

“Whatever,” Minuette said, waving the objection away. Point is—life in general kinda feels like a fantasy these days, doesn’t it?”

Missing a quotation somewhere in there, I'm guessing right before 'Point'

kick in the patooie


This was a fun little adventure, good times.

“Well, you were wrong,” Moondancer said. “This is way, way worse than I thought it was going to be.”

"That's still not as bad."
"Yeah, Moon?"
"Shut up."

I'm honestly surprised the Dogs didn't just dig through the walls. I suppose they might have been worried on bringing down the whole labyrinth.

I suspected what the gimmick was, but I hadn't expected the Z-axis component. Nice touch.

And I've always hypothesized that any given pony can be a hero given the right stimulus. Excellent little adventure, especially the stinger at the end. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.

Patootie. Keister. Tuchus. Rump. Additional cute term here.


9560947 I... don't know why there isn't a Daring Do tag on this. While she is more of a side character, she's still prominent enough in the story to warrant inclusion in my mind. Thanks for pointing that out.

By the way, thanks for the edits. I usually just thumbs up editing comments, but I've been in such a rush to get all of this out that I didn't have the chance to proofread it as thoroughly as I normally do, so your service is doubly appreciated.


I'm honestly surprised the Dogs didn't just dig through the walls.


Well, time to do what the pros do and lampshade the heck out of it.

No problem, if you want I could send them to you in a PM. Which... I may have mentioned before or somewhere else I can't remember and I feel like I did :applejackconfused:




I'm honestly surprised the Dogs didn't just dig through the walls. I suppose they might have been worried on bringing down the whole labyrinth.

Haha stupid dogs.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if Minuette knew that Daring Do was real from Pinkie Pie. It would certainly be in character for Pinkie to do so together with a Pinkie Promise not to tell it further.

Maybe the ancient civilizations were warned by Discord that they would dissappear and then he made them disappear whihc would fit him. On another note Cthonia is a very strange name for a hippocampus since cthonic means from the earth(at least that's what Stephen Fry claims in a book about greek mythology).

The appearance of Twinkleshine at end was just great.

Perhaps this is in the universe where Lyra is Twilight's secret bodyguard IP-002. That would suggest Lemon Hearts has some hidden function at the palace, but what?

"I mostly plan the big events. Weddings, state dinners, assassinations, that sort of thing."
"What was that last one?"
"State dinners."

This was a nice read. Here’s to people. And a shoutout to Estee for bringing you to my attention.

No better place for a princess-planned interrogation than when the patient's stuck in the dentist's chair. Moondancer just happened to be the last to get sucked into the madness, after repeated hints from Daring Do that she might want to do "field research" went unheeded.

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