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Shining Armor goes about his usual duty of waking up Princess Celestia. When he hears it's Sunday, a time when the Princess's magic gets out of control when she sleeps, the Captain tricks an unknowing recruit into doing it for him. The recruit tries every means to get to the Princess and wake her up but finds it increasingly difficult, especially when doors are involved.

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Comments ( 20 )

I enjoyed reading this. lol

short, sweet, & hilarious. loved it.

me gusta!!! this was funny, and i liked the lesson at the end

Indigo had damn well better get a promotion out of this.

Naughty naughty Cadance

At least SOMEPONY is sending friendship reports...

Cadance wants foals? Interesting...

1966397 Wtf is wrong with my brain

Interesting little anectdote. i accidentily clicked on the thumbs up button because i was on the wrong tab. Then I read this. Then I loved this. It deserves my thumb when my thumb points up. I cannot decide which headcannon to use.
1) Celestia wakes up with the sun on her own, (Logica and reasonable) or
2) this story. Waking Celestia is dangerous. At least on Sunday. ROTFL
Please help me decide which is a better headcannon.

1958267 Or at the very least a substantial pay raise.

1963087 That's the Alicorn of Love for ya! :trollestia:

1977757 Use whatever headcannon feels right to you, that's what makes headcannon awesome.
I love this headcannon because it makes the great Celestia have a magical disfunction that is like the magic user equivalent of wetting the bed.

oh god...I know that feeling......I went through that myself.....well maybe not to that painful a point but she needs a promotion, pay raise, paid vacation, and her own parking spot if they have those

1982602 and maybe a personal assistant... everybody needs one of those! :pinkiehappy:

this would have made a nice TV short

Must say I liked this story. Good deal of humor and the characters are in character. Good job, mate.

really nice story :rainbowlaugh:

Almost hurt? I believe the final tally of injuries was something like countless bruises, cuts and lacerations, loss of armour, blinded in one eye. Geez i'd hate to see what he considers injured.

This story is great! Sweet and funny I liked it! :twilightsmile: This would have been a great episode.

“Oh that’s how you want to play it?! Well fine! That’s how we’ll play it!”

that made me think of this line:

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