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I used to write exclusively about dragons and thought unicorns were lame. Now I write about ponies. Life can be funny sometimes.


The fall comes again this year in Ponyville. The time comes again for the annual preparations such as looking for warmer clothes, stocking up on Nightmare Night candy while it's all still cheap - You know the whole routine.
A part of that routine however that is often looked over is the look back towards the past. Sometimes it'll come in the holiday traditions or that familiar piece of candy.
Minty takes this return to the past on her usual round to the Ponyville marketplace and relives the dark and light of her own story.
Wanting to adapt some characters that would make other bronies cringe, "Why not Minty of the third generation of MLP?" I said. Don't worry, I really tried.

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Y'know, I actually LIKE Minty as a character. Any G4 adaptation of her is awesome in my book. (And I'm a G4 only kind of guy. Never could stand pre-4 MLP. Still can't.) But, you wrote her here with all the lovable quirks about her. The only thing that's missing is Santa! A little spell-checking, and you've got an excellent short story.

5226937 Thanks.
After being introduced to G3 (thanks to Mr.Enter's "Animated Atrocities" series), I got to see Minty as the most potential character having just the right amount of substance to make her in an "almost fresh start" sort of way and after In a Flash, I'm actually loving reinventing "untouchable" characters. I'm planning to keep it up and might use Minty again and do a particular movie into a crossover fic (it's a fixer-upper too).
So, thanks. I just wish I hadnt put this into all of my groups as soon as I could.

Interesting chaaracter study. Grammar could be better, but I'm faving anyway.

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