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Stuck on desk duty from a broken wrist, Sergeant Piobar's day got off to a bad start. It's April Fool's Day, which only adds to the misery. Between prank calls from a pay phone, and a pair of homicide detectives who have nothing better to do, the phone just keeps ringing. And just when he thinks he's eked out a moment of peace, a pony walks through the front door.

Now with a reading by AShadowOfCyguns!

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Why do I feel like whatever happens next is my fault?

Probably the best short one-shot I've ever read.

I'll be sure to direct all complaints at you.:rainbowlaugh:

I'm surprised nobody else took the prompt.

And that is the story about how officer Prybar "rescued" a foal with the help of his dimensional double.

Interesting take -- the prozac version of pony on earth.


Okay, I really want to know where all these prompts are coming from, now. And I can't help but be reminded of the recent ruckus in England when a pony did just that, which I assume prompted this prompt.

It was inspired by this blog post, and the article said post links to.

Just when yo think you work out Pinkie, she goes and sets up something to send you down totally the wrong path, as yove said you enjoy a good walk. :pinkiehappy:

I love how everyone has a kinda 'Don't worry about it' attitude. :rainbowlaugh:


You know, between this and Highway 501, you could do an entire series on ponies and humans going through thin spots in reality.

Well, not much to say other than this was a cute little story to read.

I enjoyd this:twilightsmile:


Yup, don't worry about the hole in reality. Just another day in (insert name of city/town here).

Interesting the portal was just tossed out to the dumpster. Makes us wonder how it ended up there....
Keep going! ;)

5212229 Yep. Nothing strange going on here...

Welp. That was fun! Professionals doing their professional job and going that little bit beyond. :eeyup:

Duty first freak out later...

I really like the Officer nod at the end.
Pony: Thanks
Officer: No Problem
And that was all said in a nod.

Alright that was pretty darn interesting to read. Can't wait to see what Piobar writes down for the daily report on this one.

Crank call, crank call, crank call, crank call, reverse crank call, lost equine coming into station, crank call, crank call, crank call...

5219146 My first instinct is the same thing he'd write if it were a human child.


And that is the story about how officer Prybar "rescued" a foal with the help of his dimensional double.

Officer 'Prybar?' :rainbowlaugh:

In a way, it's pretty much the reverse of Highway 502.


Okay, I really want to know where all these prompts are coming from, now.

This one was based off a blog post by Estee.
Two (the Twilight and Sonata fics) were a result of a blog post by Wanderer D.
A reader demanded "Twirek," and then commenters on that story wanted Tuna.

There are groups, like "Prompt-A-Day," which have story prompts, and I've done a fair number of those. There used to be another site that did daily prompts, but I can't remember what it was called. Also, there's a group called "Unused Story Ideas" which . . . well, the title pretty much explains it.

I've heard some of that is a typical New Yorker's attitude to weirdness.



I had to come up with something.

Though after hitting up the Google, I should have said Sgt. Pepper?


Though after hitting up the Google, I should have said Sgt. Pepper?

I'm glad someone finally did that. Obviously, it wasn't an accidental choice (nor that fact that I used Irish).

A nice little story; I approve. :twilightsmile:

Sergeant Piobar: interdimensional police officer.

This was for some reason hilarious to me.
Never broke professionalism.
Someone's gotta fix the that alleyway.

That little nod at the end sealed it for me. Professionals to the end. :twilightsmile:

I really see the potential for a few more shorts with this character. Officer Piobar becoming the "representative" of Earth law enforcement with Equestria.

The policeman seems very calm in the face that PONIES CAN TALK AND THERE IS A PORTAL TO AN ENTIRE WORLD OF THEM IN THE CITY. Otherwise it is a good story. :twilightsmile:

Should have offered him a doughnut for having to travel outside of his jurisdiction.:rainbowlaugh:

I would like to see this become more than a one-shot. Also, I want to see the reactions of the Ronald McDonald thing.

Hilarious. :ajbemused:


Just another day in the life of Jimmy Neutron

5222592 Just another day. :ajsmug:

-Some New Yorker

Damn, when he just nod to the other ALIEN pony police officer, i was singing after this song like "
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Space Cop!"

I liked this, really nicely written.

5210288 "Could"? No no no, you misspelled "should, ought to, and need to". :pinkiehappy:

I love this please tell memthere will be more if for nomother reason than for him try and write this on off as a normal day lol:rainbowlaugh:

Big cities always have a problem with improper disposal of magical portals. It's a real issue.

It's what the pros do, man. Some occupations cross international--or interspacial--boundaries.

Also can I squeal like a fangirl because one of my FimFiction idols commented on one of my stories?

Heh. I haven't seen anything that weird in my life, but I can tell you a few stories about shock and a brain's failure to process information.

5228243 5210288
While I don't currently have any plans to continue this story, I have every intention of expanding Highway 502. I'm too in love with the characters there to leave it as a one-shot.

And it does not escape my notice that Sgt. Piobar could plausibly appear in the Highway 502 setting.

A nice quick little thing. Well done good sir.

Nicely written a good hearted story with a good ending and no friggen plot twists


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