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Raincloud asks her group of friends for a journey everyone will remember. Through a boat they shall go! When they reach land they will find out what the true meaning of life is. Even if they have to lose limbs, blood, and hair(oh please no!) they will continue on! Even if they pick up some other ponies along the way! Will they return? Find out and read the book already! Come on read it before I lose my temper. Actually it's good you are not or else I would fail in submitting this story because of the description again! So thanks! Now go on and read the story!

Thanks to Fallout for some help!

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6790532 Same here. If you ever get confused, don't be afraid to ask.

"Count me out" said Blackout, a black pegasus with a dark heart and a sad past. We kissed once, but that's beside's the point!

I love the description you gave him! :D especially the "dark heart" bit

But got an idea, how about my story OC's unite could be some kind of prequel to this one? You know what happened before all this, how they all met

Calavera region
Skull region

Finally they approved it!:pinkiehappy:

"Oh gosh," says Skye,a dark blue pegasus and unicorn, daughter of Nightmare moon," Now I'm pressured," she takes a deep breath then a smile," Sure!"

That's exactly the reaction I would expect from her after being around the Mane 6 for a while!:pinkiegasp:

Proceed my good friend.:scootangel:

"Can't a unicorn just teleport her back?" said Skye. I shook my head.
"It might be too tiring," I said with a sigh, "But you can give it a try." Skye nodded.
"I will later," said Skye, sitting down. For the rest of the morning, we talked about our positions for the day.
After breakfast Skye tried to send Scoot back. No glow appeared from her horn.
"My magic, it's not working," said Skye looking at me.
"DUN DUN DUN!" played on a piano. We all looked at Pinkie. "What?"

Oh Pinkie!:rainbowlaugh:
Also, I'm glad you gave a legitimate reason for Scoots having to stay: magic not working. B/c otherwise, she would've been gone home...y'know, alicorns, magical reserves, yadada, etc.

Count me in on that sentiment as well.

6790868 you're going to be AMAZING at the end of this one


But next chapter is probably going to come out soon

6792017 :3 I'm already working on it

No words...this is all you need::pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy:Can't wait to see where this leads...

6795838 sorry! But do you like it's picture?

I'm really jumping in my seat now!:pinkiehappy:

Well that was a surprise. :derpytongue2:

Wait question. Read this again to make sense of some of it (and I like the spotlight on Misty, if only for a little while). Are they speaking an actual language or are you just making up words? (It's the second one isn't it?)

6795957 Making up words XD

6795970 lol, cause I'm lazy

What makes you say that?

6796222 Oh yeah, I overlooked that.:derpytongue2:Being more of a villain fan, you don't react much when someone speaks to a supposed enemy.

6796056 no! Hes not back stabing!

Damn you, Skye.:ajbemused:
You know you love it, Misty.:derpytongue2:

6796311 Nope.
And BTW, I plan this as a sort of sequel to two of my stories, so spoilers about my story are going to be floatin' around. The changeling lover thing part of it.:derpytongue2:

Well, one of them's not published yet, the one with the changeling lover in it. But the other one, the sort of prequel to everything, Seeking Answers, is published so you can read that one.

So I think its bad that to say that Blackout is more of an antihero. You know like not good or evil

6797271 *cough* heh heh, y-yea *eyes darting around nervously*

6797294 what?! he repairs his sins by doing good deeds and killing evil
And they are also accidents, he feels sorry for those he kills even the bad ones, on the outside he seems that he doesn't care, but on the inside, he regrets every single time something like that happens.

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