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Cupcakes....With Plushies!!!! · 7:00am Apr 7th, 2016

Written by Calibra2.

~Stretches hind hooves in a groggy daze, walking downstairs.~

: Oi! All I ask is that somepony around here puts on a fresh pot of brew everynow and again!!!

~Blinks in long lashes softly, "Stuffed Toys" sits beside a day old cup of coffee, DC licks her lips gently.~

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Report maydayz · 170 views · #Stuffed toys #Oc #Horror #Gore.

The Best & Worst The Site Has To Offer.

Hello. I'm Decaf Coffee, I'm here to do a multitude of things.

Besides writing a few stories I'd like to create an archive of the best and worst stories on this site, perhaps even one year say I've read and reviewed every story on the site!

Of course this will take a fair amount of time, so I'm just going to have fun and hopefully meet lots of new people.

I'm a fair writer. I'll come up with a few interesting subjects to chat about on a blog.

If anypony is interested. I'd be willing to write a few stories for people a.k.a like commissions in exchange for Fan Art!-I adore drawings of any kind. So if interested just pm me.

Other then that. I've been known to be quite snarky, If I act like a wise-ass in front of you, just roll with it.

If I tease you I like you.

Anypony interested in teaming up with me for reviews, I would adore the company. Just pm me and we can work something out.

That's about it for now. I'll keep in touch.

Love, DC.

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