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Snowy Haze is a courier pegasus in the great city of Canterlot. Follow the book loving mare on something as mundane, yet interesting as a standard work day. It's something everypony has to go through eventually and today we glimpse into a work day of a pegasus.

sequel to A book for a Pegasus
Artwork by the talented: Pusspuss
Set in the Quil and Blade universe by Anzel and Crystal Wishes
Edited by: ABronyAnonymous

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Sadly my ceiling lamp disagreed with my uncouth antics and decided it was time for some lamp-on-face interaction as I smacked right into it bruising my muzzle.

You got some killer lines with stuff like this. :pinkiehappy:

A sweet tale—seriously, Snowy is pretty well off it seems—and a good show of improvement as well :raritywink:

Thanks for the read.

Yet another cute story! Glad you decided to start publishing.

Snowy Haze is a courier pegasus in the great city of Canterlot, follow the book loving mare on something as mundane yet intersting as a standard work day, it's something everypony has to go through eventually and today we glimpse into a work day of a pegasus.

Do you know what a run-on sentence is?

7023005 I'm a dutch writer and this is literally the second thing I've ever written so I'm still learning, punctuation is yet a challenge, but I tried to fix it thank you.

Leeeewd :rainbowwild:

But also infinitely cute, I loved it :rainbowkiss: I see a huge improvement from your first story. There are still things like a bit too long sentences and paragraphs being separated in weird places but I see a lot of potential! And don't get discouraged by mean comments if you get any. Just do your thing and improve :twilightsmile:

Man, when I read this I was overcome by this strange sense of deja vu for some reason.

Joking aside, please direct any criticism (or hate) regarding format, length of sentences, typos, and the sort towards me. If it's still in there, then it's my fault for not catching it. Snowy here did a great job creating the story and was incredibly easygoing and flexible as she let me run loose with my red pen throughout her creation.

7023626 Ah everybody meet my editor, he did a fantastic job catching my mistakes, but no Anonymous, Elric made me aware that the description of the story had not been punctuated right, and you never saw that part I believe so no blame to you, and again thank you deeply for proofreading and editing my story, I'll gladly send my future works to you.

I quite like your little stories here, they are quite adorable. I personally would like them to be a little longer, maybe even a multi-chapter.

7025191 I will try better and better over time never fear. :twilightsmile:

So this is the second story. You have improved from the first. Only a few grammatical errors here and there, but not enough to ruin the story. I like this so far. Standard amount of warm fuzzies administered once again.:pinkiesmile:

Okay, so the first story was amusing but this one made me laugh out loud :rainbowlaugh:. In my opinion, you have potential to write great stories that are hilarious. I am looking forward to your next story about Snowy Haze and hope it is just as good as this one, maybe even better :pinkiesmile:. The first one caught my attention and this one made me want to follow you especially since I love OC stories. Keep up the good work.


7059356 Thank you kindly for your praise, I'll continue trying my best.

Another cute story from you!! :heart: This one did not disappoint!

I feel like there's more snark in this one than the first, and I absolutely love it. The playful, slightly sassy edge around things is just delightful. Go Snowy, though! :yay: She's a lucky gal. Glad she got her mare!

The cameos were perfectly done. A great Rossby and an equally great Dolly! Honored and flattered that you include our characters in your work!

Can't wait for the next one, keep up the great work! :yay:

7075557 Thank you kindly Crystal I'm honored.

Hmm... Dolly... I think I may be in love. :rainbowlaugh:

Alright, jokes aside, the relationships between all these characters is made of pure gold. A simple joy to read.

And on a side note, FIMFiction has sort of made me dislike F/F shipping, mainly due to the amount of it we get in new stories daily. Yet, somehow, with your writing style, I didn't just not notice it, I actually liked it a bit. It seemed to flow with the characters personalities rather than the usual type, which just seems to stick up out of normality like a rusty, forced spear. Your reasoning for it was also delivered with comedy, very good comedy.

Overall, this did not disappoint me in the least. Very well done.

7113849 Thank you Blessed One I'm glad you enjoyed it, may I redirect you to part three chapter one of my stories?

- Snow

7113968 I already have it on my Read Later list. :twilightsmile:

Loved this! Where did you get that awesome cover art...? Love your OC's style and CM as well :heart:

7168876 Thank you kindly the art for my character was made by PussPuss. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of my stories as well.


lamp-on-face interaction

Haha XD Wow. Great little story, just the sort of thing to brighten up my day.

Still a few grammar errosr in it but all on all a good read and enjoyable.

7226458 Yeah I'm a dutch writer and editors aren't flawless, but thank you for your praise.:twilightsmile:

7226571 would you be interested in me pointing them out in a PM? Just let me know

7226643 Sure Fistfire that would be generous.

Episode with royal window is what I like in this.

My eyes zeroed in on a window above me where a peal of muffled laughter rang out.

This one sentence both reminds that city around them is three dimensional, and enables lighting and sound effects for the next scene.
Other places don't have such introductions - I assume that indicates that palace archway place in Canterlot is outstanding for her, while her house and working place are common so she doesn't want to tell about how they look.. or maybe because she's at work so she doesn't think about irrelevant things..

7493924 I'm very glad you enjoy it.

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