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Child of Stars

I like to write, I like to read, and I've got a lot of story ideas floating around in my head. What more can I say?


  • EReflections of a Pegasus
    After Zipp, Izzy, Hitch, and Sunny left Pipp and escaped the Pegasus Palace they came to realize that they'd lost the pegasus crystal. Just then Pipp showed up with it and confronted the group. But wait, how did she mange to escape the castle anyway?
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Izzy Moonbow has always wanted to make new friends. So, when she finds a letter saying that she's got some in Maretime Bay she's ecstatic. Eventually she decides that it's time and she embarks on an adventure in search of new friends. What could go wrong?

Everything apparently...

Now with a sequel: Reflections of a Pegasus
Now with an audio reading: Reflections of a Unicorn - Audio Reading (by Mystery Pony Fiction)

Hey so the G5 movie has come out! I've made this short little story as a tribute to its release. I liked the movie overall. I had a few problems with it, but I really liked it none the less. I definitely like it more than than the MLP FIM G4 movie (I liked that one too, but I like the G5 movie better). I hope all of you liked it too, and I hope you like my story! Would love to hear your opinions on the movie and my story in the comments. :pinkiehappy:

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It's unicorn Pinkie! Only a little less zany. :pinkiesmile:

Magic doesn't come back until the end of the movie; she'll be back up to speed in the series proper.

Yeah probably. :rainbowwild:

I wish this fic can be a Mini-Movie prequel where Izzy gets the letter and made her way to Maretime Bay, also she is so adorable and I want to hug her

I have read this aloud for the Audiobook version to come soon. Fun!

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