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It was a nice and peaceful day until Rarity decides to go on a rampage. She wants to FRY BRAINS!

Wait, what?

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Ri2 #1 · Oct 30th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Screw you, Sprout.

Agreed. And I blame him for being a mama's boy.

Very nicely done. It started out hilariously, and then ended on a very bittersweet note. Maybe more "bitter," really, but honestly, it does work.

I'd almost say I feel sorry for Sprout, but... nah. Screw him.

I told you to just get out ! What's next? My whole house?


:ajbemused: Rarity how could you
:fluttershysad: Of all the ponies in Eqestria
:pinkiecrazy: You're the most in dire need of a good . . .
:twilightoops: Spike! spike spiking
:rainbowderp: Has any pony try a Snickers?
:moustache: Once you go dragon
:facehoof: Spike , You're just bragging
:raritystarry: FRY BRAINS!

Surprisingly powerful for such a short story. I love the narration style you chose. I actually feel sorry for Sprout.

No we don't. He's a mama's boy.

He is little more than a product of his environment. He is pitiful :(

No duh about it. Why don't he go back to his mama so she could change his diaper?

Sprout really is an idiot and he needs to be locked up for the safety of others just like his mom who's probably the worst parent in Maretime Bay.

Compact and to the point. Was a funny and slightly heart-wrenching extension on the opening scene of the movie.

:flutterrage: Eat a SNICKERS!


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