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Remember That One Story I Wrote? Me Neither. / October Do Be Approaching... 🐈‍⬛ 🎃 🍫


Izzy proclaims herself a mind reader and Sunny isn't impressed. Not without proof and maybe a little playful teasing.

Featured on 9/22/22, Thank you all so much.

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Bestowing my luck magic upon thee once more 💞

You're on a roll, sweetheart!

I'm a fan of the shipping, the way Izzy can read Sunny so easily is adorable, but the way she gets in arms about those readings relating to Hitch makes me melt :heart: Hope they enjoy their maybe date lol

Lol that was actually a pretty sweet and funny story and basically Izzy really doesn't need to be psychic to read Sunny's emotion when hitch invited her to dinner and how much she really likes him so much but still it was pretty nice I like it keep up the good work

Mica #4 · 1 week ago · · ·

I wonder what’s the extent of Sunny’s own mind reading abilities now she’s a part-time alicorn.

Cute and fluffy, go Izzy! :rainbowlaugh:

Always appreciated my bestie.

Thank you, happy you enjoyed some warm fuzzies.

Aww, thank you so much.

Congrats on being featured again! :yay:

And then Sunny and Hitch both had a hayburger combo meal with no secret sauce and shared a milkshake.

I'm personally not too sure, If Alicorns can read thoughts it's news to me or I just wasn't paying attention during the episodic run, XD.

I'd see Alicorns more being empaths perhaps? Mayhaps?

Like reading the emotional states of others and letting that kind of guide their guidance, but that's just me. Celestia seemed the type to just really be able to read others emotions with real ease, kind of adding to that wise mentor vibe I associate to her in my head canons.

But would love to know your thoughts.

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