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And then the thing did the stuff.


One day, Applejack decided to take a walk.
It wasn't a walk of calamitous importance, an epic undertaking, or a grand destiny to save a word gonne madde.
It was, simply, a walk.

Featuring: Silk beer; Traveling griffons; Overly friendly diamond dogs; Rain; More rain, and why it is the ultimate enemy of travelers; Brats; Lewd cartographers; Bandits; Fleas; little birds; Bridges, and why you should hate them ; Sheds; incubbi; Dreams; Your friendly neighbour, the friendly hag; marriage proposals; Capitalism; Bubble bridges; Glass beaches; Moles; Foreign books; Embers; Gargoyles; Forgetfullness; Departures; Answers; Interests; Cord theory; Bunnies; Clay; evil bridges, necromancy; Old mountain passages that totally aren't bridges; crazy guruus; mud ponies; You have HUGE DOORS; useless doors; Memories; Bees; Sleepers; Queues; Raw raw fait da powah; Silk gloves; Gravity; Agents; Non-standard space; Insomniac zebras; Spies; Worlds and Words; Blind & Deaf; Void; Hammocks; Oranges; Libraries; Spines; Dreams; Harnesses; Exposition; Armor; Stethoscopes; Pauses; Revenge; Magic swords; "Nah, that's bad sport"; Glorious dogs; Bridges fuck up everything; Escapes; Combat; Paleblood; Cubicles; Burning the demons; Crushing darkness; Dreams; World bone; "Oh, blimey"; Dreams into miracles; Twin minds; Loneliness; Beaches; Alcubierre engines; Poignant tea; Wails

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It seems fun so far, at least.

Took my this far

Should be took me. That, and you missed the punctuation in some parts of the dialogue.

6826977 What exactly? Walking into a mountanious forest that has too pests that AJ knows off?

It feels like an entire chapter is missing and you don't specify as Winoa as part of "they" anywhere.

6828432 >Winona
Oh hell I knew I was forgetting something. Fixed that and part of a scene I had somehow managed to forget writing.
That's the fun thing about proof reading what you wrote a few seconds ago. You go from memory. So new rule: wait fifteen minutes before publishing anything.
>Missing chapter
Huh, yeah. I set up a morning-noon-night rythm, and breaking out of nowhere is a bit jarrying.
Added a scene to the last chapter to provide a bit more cohesion.

Trying to figure who the cyan one represents since there is a rainbow-colored one and failing.

6836714 Okay, didn't answer yesterday because it was a "Wake up, work, get five free minutes that I spend hammering the keyboard as fast as I can, publish, go to work again, sleep" schedule.
The chapter is spent mostly within a "Dream" Applejack has, produced by some magic entity, the stalion. Every time things go in a way the stalion doesn't like, he resets the dream ("The moon shone over everything"), at least until Winona bites Applejack to try to help her snap out of it, which adds something the stalion can't remove, the pain of the bite (The three resets almost immediately from each other), which starts to crack the whole thing. The zebra doesn't actually do much (She had gone planning to, but Winona did it before her) but give AJ some instructions that, now that I think of it, are pretty damn useless.
I'll rewrite thing thing some day, but right now I am planning a short novel, at my job, trying to not die from this flu that just won't go away (It's been like a week damnit) trying to keep connected with my friends despite the lack of time, and, uh, keeping an eye in the news because Argentina may fall to civil war because of just how shitty the president that's been around 20 days in the seat is -If I dissapear from internet, I died fighting for MY FREEDUM AKA charging against an armed cop with a stick- and this is, while not an unbearable load, a few minutes (Depending in the chapter the time goes from ten minutes to an hour) I often have to take away from my sleeping schedule. The reason of this is mostly to not fall out of habit with a minimal ammount of writing per day.

6838899 Pinkie, since Fluttershy had already taken pink, who is pink because golden and light yellow had already been used.
I generaly dislike going with "Single colors for personality" thing for this reason. You have a maximum of like five characters before having to start using carmesy and chocolate and who knows how many uber precise colors no one gives a damn about.


The first were green, red, and golden.
The golden wasp escaped despite her cries, leaving a pale yellow one behind. A rainbow-colored wasp joined her from the forest, covering a pink one as if challenging the world to try and hurt it.

I thought the pale yellow one was Fluttershy and the pink was Pinkie Pie. I'm sure the golden one is Applebloom.


Be careful and stay safe. Unfortunate your country isn't stable. I'll stop commenting so you can get an extra five minutes of sleep.

6840912 If I answer is because I can use the time, and at night I don't have an internet connection. Three quarters of the chapters I've posted were things writen the night before.

Minotaurs and their dams.

Getting curious about the backstories to these settings. I know it won't be part of this story, but still; interesting.

I wonder which of the brothers actually won.

"Also cold coffee will give you diarrhea" said the other.

This line had me laughing. Also, Element of Honesty taking the liar's spot would be an interesting read. Wouldn't that just break the whole enchantment?

6877790 Taking into account than the Element is presumably fussed with her, and that the spell is powerful to have been going on for long enough for Truth (Who, from his nature, probably hasn't been replaced since he was put there) to shrug off centuries, whatever happens would probably be to extremely perjudice to everything within a hundred kilometers area.
Its actually pretty interesting to think about, really. Both the Element and the curse have heavy mind magic and/or psionic elements, so who knows what would happen.

6878850 ...I'll never get used to how many words in English are only separated by whether you use a single consonant or two.
Yeah, fused.

Spike and Twi? It probably would have needed both.

What's going on in the forest should be unusual, yes?

6885353 Unusual, but not unheard of. Systems like a forest are happy with doing nothing most of the time.

"Can I do s...?" something rocketed to the front of her mind "wait, guy?"

This struck me as odd. It works fine as a random oddity, but I lost myself somehow.

What happened to the wisp after Applejack offered the stone?

Poor Amber. :ajsleepy:

Achivement get! first month done, 60,000 words minimal wordcount until next month.



Forgive the stale meme, but it pretty much sums it up.

Poor Amber.

I would like to see some experiments take place. Also, what happened to Winoa?

6904588 Didn't have anything relevant to do.

It was hard to tell who was speaking at the beginning.


So, is this, like, Austreoh But with Twice the freckles and half the angst?

Shamelessly so.
They are cute tho. I'll have to write frustered Frecklemare AJ at some point or another.
>Half the angst
Oh, yes. For now, at least. No story of any lenght superior to two chapters escapes having some angst.

Some of this is starting to sound like gibberish.

6937160 Just So was rewriten like three times, and a chapter that's right there with Night 13 in my "Gotta redo this" list. First version was aimless and far worse. Second version was far too dramatic when I just wanted Nanda to say "But he died thirty years ago". Third version was slightly less bad. I guess fourth version, when it happens, won't be quite as bad as this one.

It needs some formatting work, I've noticed.

>Think he means Applejack's nearly constant cursive
>Take a look just in case,
>Magic linebreaks from outter space
Those things weren't there when I published :trixieshiftright:
Its all a conspiration.

6952597 It's aaaaaallll part of the conspiration.

Sometimes I think Twilight is speaking through Applejack and that is really bizarre.

How are things? Haven't seen an update in your usual time frame.

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