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1/13/13 There's too much/ Samurai Applejack Concerns · 2:47pm Jan 13th, 2013

First thing is WHY IS THERE SO MUCH CLOP IN THE FEATURED BOX? I understand its been this way for a while, but it just seems to pile up and up and up. While I don't hate cloppers or have any real bias against them, the whole concept is just.... no. For me, anyway. Seeing this kinda stuff on the front page is... it's a little too much. There's like three stories that aren't clop. And, the whole tentacle on being featured? I mean.... at least it's not artwork, right? RIGHT?!?

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Hello there! Thanks for faving my story “My Cutie Mark is JUSTICE”[img] http://www.nowiw.com/image/button/batman_begins_batman.png[/img]


Username change? Really?:applejackunsure:

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