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New Audiobook by ThelifeonCloud9: All Nightmare Long · 5:03pm Oct 25th, 2020

Happy Nightmare Night, everypony!

As part of this year's Month of Macabre, ThelifeonCloud9 has released an audio production of my story All Nightmare Long. (Trivia time: Cloud9 got her start in fandom audio productions four years ago, with a bit part in Scribbler's production of another story of mind, Holder's Boulder.)

Check it out below:


Introducing the Feast of All Souls - "On the Transience of Adelasters" by WritingSpirit · 9:36pm Nov 29th, 2018

Putting this one together took a lot out of me (and my computer). I might release a oneshot or two in the same theme, but for now it's back to adapting "Three Nights in Manehattan."

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Apple Shampoo reading by ObabScribbler · 11:27am Dec 30th, 2017

Apparently, the masses spoke, and they demanded RariJack. And specifically, my RariJack.

I was very happy to see this show up suddenly in my feed today. Thanks to everyone who voted for it to get a reading, and to Scribbler and her cast of voice actors to do this!


Audiobook Directory · 4:37pm Aug 2nd, 2020

Over the years, several fandom YouTubers have created audio productions of stories from the Horse Voice bibliography. These are now very numerous, and so for the convenience of listeners, I have compiled them here.

Many thanks to those who liked my stories enough to create these great renditions.

The Savage Way

Illya Leonov:

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