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Me am chibi dwagon. Me am here to clean up after messy ponies. Also: To defeated the badponies.(Luckily my writing skill exceeds my character's speaking skills)

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Twilight borrows an idea from Time Turner to 'bring the past forward to you', creating a spell that in theory should allow one to see the past without taking part in or altering it. Due to Twilight's genius alterations made with too little sleep, it backfires and results in semi-actual time travel where each pony is sent back in time into their old foal bodies. Various shenanigans ensue with a chapter for each pony.

Cover art by mlplary6 on Deviantart and used with permission. See the animated version there.

Chapters (8)

Worried that she may not always be there to bail them out, Twilight hires the renowned Iron Will to stage an intervention and teach Celestia and Luna how not to get their plots kicked all the time. But can even the greatest motivator of all time accomplish such an impossible task?

Warning! Contains IRON WILL, booty shaming, implied pre-marital hoof holding, napping on the job, and not reading the contract.

Featured on 12/8/2021! Thanks!

Chapters (1)

(Featured on 10/11/2019, thanks!)






Suddenly it’s colder and damper, and the smells are all different.  And suddenly she can wonder ‘Why?’

This is inspired by Lauren Faust’s recounting of her private story for Zecora’s origin at the Stories and Experiences Panel at Bronycon 2019, August 3rd. It was commissioned and edited by Dragon Turtle.

Over-thinking mundane objects ensue. This isn’t meant to suggest that there are no zebras native to Equestria’s world, but in this fic, Zecora isn’t one of them.

This commission is on hiatus unless the commissioner is able to continue it. If you want to commission extra chapters published as an alternate story, that might be possible though when I'm open for commissions.

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Pinkie invites Sweetie Belle over for some fun.
Little does Sweetie suspect that Pinkie has a different kind of fun in mind
... little does Pinkie suspect that this might be harder than she assumed.

Yes, this is a cross-over based on Sergeant Sprinkle's infamous fanfic "Cupcakes" and "Friendship is Witchcraft"'s Sweetie Bot. Expect stupid jokes that only programmers will get.

Rated teen for naughty things being referred to non-explicitly. This is just to be safe. It does not contain any blood or real sexy-time.

Cover art images used with permission.
Sweetie Bot image by Bobdude. See their Tumblr here .
Pinkamena image by ZuTheSkunk. See their deviantart here.
Background from Death Battle.

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie wakes up with a hangover after having too much cider only to find that her cutie mark has been stolen! What's more, it seems that a mystery pony is holding it for ransom for forty cakes. Forty cakes! That's four tens and that's terrible. Desperate for revenge, Pinke has a plan to turn the ransom around on the thief.

This occurs in the same universe as my story Substitute Harmony; reading that is not necessary, but these characters have been through those events; I've taken steps to avoid outright spoiling of that one though. Like Substitute Harmony, it was edited by Florentine.

This is also a very loose parody of the 1996 Mel Gibson movie "Ransom" (and thus of the movie that was based on). And that's terrible.

It's marked as teen because there are adult things strongly hinted at in comedic fashion, but nothing worth checking the sex box for.

This occurs after season 2 episode 15 (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000), while Cider season is still occuring.

Features Blinkie and Inkie, for which there are no checkboxes. Cover image by me; I'm no artist.
EDIT: They have boxes for them now!... but I got their personalities completely wrong. ... Okay Blinkie's isn't THAT far off from Limestone, But Inkie/Marble is a complete miss. Strangely, my Inkie/Marble acts like Maud, who didn't exist at the time of writing this.

Chapters (1)

When strange ponies from another world suddenly pony-nap all her friends, Pinkie Pie must find a way to defeat their master all on her own. Blamed for the crime herself, she has no help from Celestia and just about every pony in Ponyville is convinced that she's finally cracked. Who can she possibly find to fill in for the other Elements of Harmony, and help her defeat the ancient evil behind it all?

This story occurs after Discord is defeated but prior to the rest of season 2. Story is featured on Equestria Daily and is now officially a 'six star' rated story! Full size image can also be found there.

Special thanks to my editor Florentine

TV Tropes entry is here.

Other images:
reference of what Blinkie and Inkie's cutie marks look like
The G1 team

This story was written for National Pony Writing Month 2011. I completed the required amount for PonyWriMo on 20th of September.

Also features: Inkie Pie, Blinkie Pie, Twilight (G1), Applejack (G1), Sparkler, Posey, Surprise, Firefly

Chapters (16)