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Me am chibi dwagon. Me am here to clean up after messy ponies. Also: To defeated the badponies.(Luckily my writing skill exceeds my character's speaking skills)


Pinkie invites Sweetie Belle over for some fun.
Little does Sweetie suspect that Pinkie has a different kind of fun in mind
... little does Pinkie suspect that this might be harder than she assumed.

Yes, this is a cross-over based on Sergeant Sprinkle's infamous fanfic "Cupcakes" and "Friendship is Witchcraft"'s Sweetie Bot. Expect stupid jokes that only programmers will get.

Rated teen for naughty things being referred to non-explicitly. This is just to be safe. It does not contain any blood or real sexy-time.

Cover art images used with permission.
Sweetie Bot image by Bobdude. See their Tumblr here .
Pinkamena image by ZuTheSkunk. See their deviantart here.
Background from Death Battle.

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Now, that's why psycho "Cupcakes" Pinkie is inferior to regular Pinkie: regular Pinkie would be able to take Sweetie Belle being a robot in stride. :pinkiecrazy:

It goes deeper. In most non-Witchcraft Sweetiebot fics I've read, Pinkie is the one doing repairs and giving her upgrades.

wut... so confused.... perfection... does not compute... so amazing...

Amusing. Especially when Mrs. Cake showed up.

With only four seconds to spare before she ended attack mode due to non-compliance, she decided to see if Pinkie’s cooking methods would result in a higher level of fun than her own attempts.

Shouldn't it be 'until she started attack mode'? Normally people failing to comply doesn't make robots stop attacking.

7505074 Ah, i originally had something with the word 'ended' there, and failed to change the whole thing when I edited it. Thanks for catching that.

.......Gizmo.exe cannot compute......

......Attempting to compute.........
Commence sweep..... ERROR......
Commencing wipe......complete.....
Attempting to compute.....STILL cannot compute.......self destruct in t-5....4....3....2....1....self destruc-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

7520253 I knew I should have made readers sign a waiver in case they explode. :unsuresweetie:

pulling out a chainsaw with a wicked blade, bright red colored with little star, rainbow, and heart stickers all over it.

Cupcakes HD?

Haha, someone's been stuck in C-world with Hungarian notation!
Interesting that Sweetie was capable of determining Pegasus as an ingredient. That's high quality engineering, most sensors would barely register "meat"! :rainbowlaugh:
Keep going! ;)

Pinkie should just take up gardening...

Where did you get your Sweetie Bot?

The image is linked in the description if that's what you mean.

No, I mean the character, how she does things, how life is.

She's just my own version of Sweetie Bot from Friendship is Witchcraft, maybe a bit more aware that she's a robot than that one is. I didn't really get her from anywhere,

She. Is. AWESOME!!!!

yup. metal vs knife. I WONDER WHICH WINS?

Searching... flour... salt... baking powder... butter... eggs... pegasus... milk... rohypnol... Sweetie had believed there to be a zero percent chance of finding rohypnol in a cupcake. 

I just realised that Sweetie Bot didn't find anything wrong with finding "Pegasus" in the cupcake. This raises a whole ton of questions.

My best guess is that she has "tasted" it in cupcakes before. Not being a real pony, she has no idea that it doesn't belong.
The real question is, "How does she know what pegasus tastes like?!" :twilightoops:

I mean, my personal FiW headcanon is that Sweetie is not a robot. She is an android. Or a cyborg (like in Cheerilee's lesson). She clearly feels emotions. Yet Rarity, who acts more like a pony (robots are designed to blend in), and must take acting classes to show any apparent emotion (robots don't have real emotions), also stopped short of the "sentience scanner," and we have no confirmation that she actually is a pony.

Yeah, they heavily hinted at that. Pity they aren't getting around to any more episodes so they could confirm it. I find it ironic that the abridged series with so many people working on it has such a hard time coming out with episodes when other abridged series with far fewer people working on them seem more consistent. Maybe they couldn't agree on what to do.

With any luck, I’ll wake up in a fanfic written by a proper psychopath, like Facemelt91 or Headless Rainbow.

Emphasis mine. Amused chuckle also mine. Don't try to pretend you don't know why, author.

Well, I'm pretty sure directing people here from that other account won't give it away, so make sure not to tell anyone. :rainbowdetermined2:

And where is the analysis there ... characters * scratches his head *

It's interesting to see Pinkie reduced to the straight man when the other party doesn't follow the script... :pinkiecrazy:

actually fantastic :D

I tried! I need to get around to writing more silly stories like this, but it's been a while since an idea punched me in the head for one.

“Advice: A frilly dress is not an effective gift for my sister. She manufactures her own clothing. Suggestion: Chocolate has a 92% chance of resulting in the activation of her pleasure routine.”

Are we talking about Rarity being pleased that she's getting chocolate or...:duck:

That does seem questionable! I'll pretend I creatively made that implication on purpose :moustache:

That does seem like the right course of action from a comedic standpoint, but not the best in the long run. A simple 'bedroom eyes' emote alone would have kept the mystery for the other readers.:raritywink:

I'm very bad at keeping secrets :applecry:

Heh. By the time Mrs. Cake came in, I knew it was over. One way or another, when she steps in, the dark tone flies out the window as the audience tries to compute why she's here, followed by why she wasn't there in the original Cupcakes story.

But you know, it might not really Sgt. Sprinkles' fault. His fic seems to have come out actually BEFORE "Party of One", and maybe even before "Bridle Gossip" or "Call of the Cutie", but after "Griffon the Brush-off". I don't quite remember when the Cakes were introduced, but it was mostly Pinkie Pie seen around Sugarcube corner and they didn't have much of a presence. It'd be easy for somebody to think that Pinkie ran Sugarcube Corner like how Rarity ran her boutique by that early point in the season.

Anyway. It's always funny seeing Pinkie have to make concessions to her boss when she's supposed to be this out of control super secret murderess.....

Yes that came out very early in the fandom, before Party of One despite most art of the fic now featuring the straight-mane Pinkie.
Though I mean... it doesn't have to end if Ms Cake walks in, all in all canon Ms Cake is very slightly more likely than canon Pinkie to be a serial killer, even if both are negligible.
Luckily fanfic isn't restrained by reason!:pinkiecrazy:

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