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Morrslieb is the dark moon of the warhammer world. Known to be an ill omen and sign of chaos it has been known to drive people mad with visions and nightmares of hell and daemons, endless incessant voices giving dark promises and temptations. And even known to cause the body to warp and mutation for prolonged exposure.

One night it appeared behind Luna's moon, and for the first time Equestria knew true chaos.

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I can tell you why your fic did not do so well:

I (and others) like the concept of crossing over wharhammer fantasy and MLP. Unlike the galaxy-scaled 40k, it's a lot easier to balance out the relative power levels to avoid either franchise's themes from simply drowning those of the other.

You, however, wanted Equestria to face an Outside Context Problem. Since you wanted an Outside Context Problem, you should have used a giant warpstorm from warhammer 40k rather than something from warhammer fantasy, since the latter has the sheer scale required to simply overwhelm Equestria if needed.

To make stuff from WH Fantasy into an Outside Context Problem, you really have to ignore or handwave too many things.

The main thing...is the Elements of Harmony. THey are extremely good at reversing Corruption. Why, they basically normalized a country+ sized patch of Chaos-wastes in one shot! Even the Slaan would go :rainbowhuh: at that, and they're the guys who do crazy stuff like move continents around.

They're not the only counter to Chaos Corruption lying around, either, so managing to corrupt one of the bearers does not mean game over for the ponies.

Now, if you wanted to go into how exposure to Chaos is going to severely crimp the utopian-ness of pony society in the long run...eh, maybe. But "first time Equestria knew true Chaos?"

Nope. It just doesn't work.

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