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This group contains the one true faith, the faith that says that homosexuals and other impurities of mankind should be purged in the fires of hell.

Welcome my brave disciples, and I wish you good luck in your quest to murder liberals.

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ur a faget, still.

Penis. That is my contribution to this discussion. I now go to sleep.





284298 She's at least 16.


by the game I probably think you mean the story.

And if you do a monstermare thing all you are doing is creating a story version of MGQ and replacing key words with pony equivalents.

plus i was really more into the game by the clever vagina anatomy.

unoriginal but practical. original=effort


mlp parody = fucking unoriginal

and his name was luka

btw, the main template for monster is human female face + breasts

if you do a monstermare thing, then you lose one half of the equation (breasts)

oh god... this needs a mlp parody version.

until then fictions will be written! havent played in awhile. what was the main guy's name again?


underaged girl

that is the fucking goddess ilias

you want to see something that looks like a fucking underage girl?

see that?

That's tamamo, the fourth and oldest heavenly knight. She is 500 years old.

remember kids, monster girl quest is the only good anime

That picture is of an underage'd girl... wtf Panda?

That pic makes my penis erect. :twilightsmile: It's a good thing.

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