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Princess Twilight Sparkle meets Twilight Sparkle.

Using an old spell she had tried many eons ago, Twilight sparkle goes off to meet her past self, to know with great certainty that she had lived a good life. And maybe warn herself of the many mistakes she had done.

Disclaimer: this is a War for Equestria group story. Link is found below for more information on the universe and fanon.


Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

I loved this story a lot. It has a small bit of a very good advice to live our life happily with whatever we have.

Meh... :applejackunsure:

Me gusta! :twilightsmile: it's a tad bit short though.

That last line reminded me of when I take off my shades on a sunny day.flooding light.

I don't see the character tag for the most important person in her life... Yup, I'm calling it now: if she cares enough to visit past Spike, she's just going to give him a pat on the head, as if that measures up to the fact that he basically committed himself to her every day of his life since childhood. That's about the level of importance bronies typically lend him.

Remiro ergo fui. (I remember therefore I was)

Charity from FiW? Will there be an Applesack?

charity I created before the comic charity existed.

A new element of generosity that journeys to find the 5 others.

4926268 You still haven't answered my second question.

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