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Beware the Pinkie Pie my child.
The one of smiles and giggles
as your insides squirm and wriggle

The two horned, the griffin winged, the murderer clawed and the demon eyed.
Be weary of this one my child. Fear guide you. Run fast away.

Disclaimer: this is a War for Equestria group story. Link is found below for more information on the universe and fanon.


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Is there really a new Cupcakes remake every day now? :ajbemused:

Oooh, very chilling. And I loved the rhyming throughout very nice touch.

Okay, okay. Pardon the fact that I have an extreme bias against this particular depiction of Pinkie Pie, what do we have here?

It's a nice twist, I'll give you that, but it needs to be in a traditional stanza format. The rhymes are clever for the most part, but it would read so much better if it was all organized in separate lines. The writing is good, but it's hindered by the unoriginality of the idea. It has potential, yes, but not with this particular subject matter.

I expected this to be written in stanzas. It's been a while since I've seen a prose-poem. Any particular reason why?

It's like people don't even bother to watch the show, ain't it?

I don't think this is related to cupcakes.

Also, this one earns my hoof of approval. :eeyup:

not part of cupcakes.

Its part of a NLR vs SE story.

Pinkie pie is a special character in the war joining the Cult of discord faction.
Info is here:

Kindly put your presumptions where they belong. :raritywink:

Please look forward to more similar tales, in the War for Equestria group.

One main reason really. It's not in stanzas because I was trying to give the feel of unpredictability, sure it might rhyme at parts but I wanted it to be mildly difficult to predict where. I even purposely try to make rhymes that results in strange language.

Being organised and structured was the lowest priority of this.

It's almost as if some bronies never heard of NLR vs SE before, eh

NLR v SE is about the dumbest trope in this fandom.

It also doesn't excuse piss poor characterization.

:trollestia: : you mad?

I feel like testing some code. enjoy.

Very effective, then. Reading it I was reminded strongly of Latin poetry which, while it didn't rhyme, was rhythmic and used to tell stories just as often as prose. The prose-poem format, however, definitely lends an element of dissonance to the story while still retaining the sense of "very old and dark fairy tale."

I so mad.

NLR makes as much sense as cupcakes. Anyone who has bothered to watch the show knows this.

If you don't want people commenting on your blatantly bullshit OOC, maybe you shouldn't invoke Jabberwocky in your description. That would probably help with the people wanting in in verse too.


One would think a brony would avoid being a victim to this path you take.


and if its any irritation to you. I will inform that there will be a few more of these character themed tales.


The great and powerful Twilight
Trixie the 69th
Rainbow Dash-the poniculous
Fluttershy-the spirit of nature

Creepy.... very creepy:pinkiecrazy:

general announcement: the pinkie pie stories will no longer be an anthology of short stories.

If you want to see all the stories involving her, either look through my profile or join/visit the War for Equestria group to get regular updates.

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