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Princess Twilight Sparkle the great and powerful teaches the future generation of unicorns of the empire. To her dismay they don't seem so enthusiastic to study and in a world where ignorance could spell death and knowledge can bring you power. She feels frustration and concern for the future of the Solar empire.

Also they think she's crazy for thinking changelings are real.

A small glimpse in Twilight's daily life outside the war and a little look in imperial society. Of it's stereotypes and superstitions as well as a good glimpse of changelings in everyday society.

Disclaimer: this is a War for Equestria group story. Link is found below for more information on the universe and fanon.


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If you want to see all the stories involving her, either look through my profile or join/visit the War for Equestria group to get regular updates.

good job on this one.


honestly I don't think this is anywhere near as good as my pinkie pie ones. But meh whatever glows your horn

723176 :ajsmug: well, first then:twilightblush:

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