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Chapter ready; illustration desired. · 11:25am Nov 23rd, 2020

Anyone want to lend their skills? I'd be most appreciative!

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A short chapter update blog post thingy. · 2:44pm Dec 21st, 2019

Chapter 24.
Start date: 30th of April.
Finish date: 3rd of November, submitted for editing on the 10th.
Word count (subject to change): 9116

Chapter 25.
Start date: 15th of December.
Finish date: 20th of December.
Word count (subject to change): 7304

Seriously contemplating starting chapter 26 already...

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How long has it been...? · 6:20am Feb 26th, 2017

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Chapter 18 news. · 9:41pm May 8th, 2015

It's actually very complete! Just needs art for it. Now, I had received word from paper pony around March that he was eager to participate again. I showed him the chapter, and he read it. He was pleased and enthusiastic!

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Happy New Year! · 10:43pm Dec 31st, 2014

My hands are freezing, as I just came in from the chilly outside, having watched some fireworks. :pinkiehappy:

Anyhow,, here's a sketch of a grimy and weary Rosy from our guest artist. :pinkiesmile:

And here's something to celebrate the new year with! :twilightsmile:

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I'm sorry to say that I have some bad news. · 2:41pm Dec 2nd, 2014

Paper pony has sadly informed me that he can't work on FPV, citing a lack of interest in drawing. He didn't sound like the happy guy I knew him as. I don't know if his lack of interest might be depressing, or if he has depression that saps his artistic drive. I can only tell with certainty that I feel understandably dispirited. While it's possible he may return to drawing (and FPV) in the future, there's no telling when that will be. But I wish him the best, and we remain friends. So, as much

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Chapter 17 is ready. Now we just have to wait patiently for the art. · 8:38am Nov 27th, 2014

However, I just learned that paper pony (the guy who produces the astonishing art we adore) was on a holiday for a few weeks with a friend, and have had only a few days to resume normal life, and that I should be patient. That's what his friend told me, not paper pony himself. Now, I don't want to stir up some unfounded rumors here, but this is the third time I was unable to reach paper pony by any other means than by contacting him through his friend, and it strikes me as odd that this friend

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Always nice to receive some art! · 11:05am Aug 25th, 2014

"Inspired by the first chapter of First Pony View. A human soul (represented by the man's shadow), trapped in a mare unicorn's body. Nothing is known about him, except that he tries his best to live out his new existence, trying to figure out how to solve his dilemma while staying sane (hence "Rosy's" expression)."

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Chapter 15 approaches. · 8:44am Apr 13th, 2014

The first pass of edits have been done. This is then followed by a second or final pass, and then the art. I can't say how long that takes, but I'm guessing around two weeks. I suppose it could go faster with a few more analytical eyes inspecting the chapter, but I won't dedicate this blog post to editor soliciting. I'm only letting you guys and gals know that he chapter's shaping up.

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A small notice about chapter 14 and some art. · 8:10pm Nov 1st, 2013

Yep. It's coming. The final review stage has begun! Now, I still don't got an ETA, unfortunately. I don't even dare to give a rough guess. I think I'll have a better idea on what the publication date will be once the illustrations are being implemented.

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