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Cry Quotes

If you hurt, reach out to others. Do it. Talk to people. Don’t bottle it up, fight that urge. Find friendship and companionship in people. People you can trust. Express yourself. You aren’t alone in the things you feel, no matter how much you like to imagine you are. We’re here for you, you just need to give us a hand. Please. I’m tired of all this pain. I’m sure you are, too. Let’s just breathe, communicate, and get some Febreeze all up in this shit-scented room of life.
Sound good? Yeah. It does.

The mystery of your own imagination can be far more enthralling than reality, truly

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Thanks for the watch! what story caught your eye? :3

952436 Guardian Angel. The first adopted scootaloo fic i actually bothered to read and enjoyed.

Thanks for the follow. May I inquire how I deserved it?

Thanks so much for the follow :twilightsmile: (number 2 :3)

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