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Mare Do Well earned her place in the history books of Ponyville as one of its greatest protectors alongside the likes of Supermare and Batmare.
But Mare Do Well hung up her cape after teaching a lesson to one of the most egotistical mares in Ponyville.

So who is it on moonlit nights, that hops from rooftop to rooftop, who leaves crooks and con-stallions outside the doors of the watch-house, and who always arrives just in time?

Mare Do Well may have taught Rainbow Dash one unforgettable lesson, maybe Mare Do Better will teach her another.

A/N: This story starts after the Mare Do Well episode in season 2.
Major thanks to Twilight the Pony (previously Spark-of-Twilight) for the art (now with source!).

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No real heroes in this town? Are you kidding me? Even if they think Mare-Do-Well is a hoax... the ponies wearing the mask saved the world.

Yeah... but they were more of your save-the-world-team-special-forces-type-deal.
This one is more your local-friendly-neighbourhood-watch-type-service-govnor-pone.


Eh... Has lesson zero happened yet? I'd be terrified if I thought there was any chance Twilight Sparkle was there.


This story starts after the Mare Do Well episode in season 2.

Yep, Lesson Zero has happened, if that canon order of episodes is expected to have happened.

I really look forward to you finishing up this story. I read "The Games We Play", which was a Mare Do Well story, and it was insane. I hope this is more of a romance than a psychological story. Keep up the great writing!

If that's Twi behind the mask, I can't wait to read on. :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic opening, by the way. :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be soooooooo good, I hope:scootangel:

Seriously who down votes a 1.4k words Prologue?

Can't say I've read it, but from what I've seen of it...
I don't think you'll have anything to fear.

Nah, Rarity obviously.
And thanks :twilightsmile:

That makes two of us then.
And I could give a list... but that's just going to be like pulling teeth for all it'll accomplish.

Alright... good to see this seems to have garnered some attention at least.
Now, enjoy your suspence, I'm off on a pointless journey around the world so I can procrastinate on this.

(i.e. you'll have your chapters soon)

This is really good. You had a few issues with run-on sentences, using commas instead of periods, but the story seems really solid. I'll be watching this.

2489640 I'll hope then. :twilightsheepish:

And you're most welcome. :twilightsmile:

How often is this gonna update? I hate cliffhangers!

I believe this answers your question.

Awww, come on, we need more MDB action! Not just one tiny passage! :fluttershbad:
Still good to see Dash and Pinkie up to their prankster spirits. Poor Rare though. :rainbowlaugh:
Hm, given the buck i´d say Applejack. :trixieshiftleft:
Am i right? :trixieshiftright:
Or is it Rarity? Rarity also can do karate-stuff as shown in the show.
Or is it Twi? Cause she might learn that stuff from reading a book or even had trained that stuff back then as a student cause a healthy mind rests in a healthy body and blabla.
Or is it Pinkie cause of the smile at the end?
It sure isn´t Fluttershy, right?

Gimme moar! I need moar! I need it! :raritydespair:

2497003 XD, So it did! Now how consistent is it going to be? hmmmm?:derpytongue2:

Thundertoast is the best thing ever.


But I like tiny passages :trollestia:
Also because MDB is nocturnal... or something.
Shady underhand dealings ftw.

It /should/ update every two days as per my blog post Here.
Whether or not it actually happens depends on whether I get my act together and sacrifice the commodity which is sleep.

Which is going to be annoying since college is going to have to be a priority.

Get an aerial,
Stick bread on the end,
Climb to a very high place during a lightning storm,
Be careful not to die.


Say, where can i see other entries for this competion or is this the only one so far? Is there a folder in the twidash group for it or a thread in the forum or something?


But mine is the only one currently up because I'm posting in chapters.

That was pretty damn awesome. :twilightsmile:

..............Still hoping for Twilight, by the way. :yay:

Dude. STAHP. I haven't even gotten halfway through mine. Though I must say I am enjoying this story :twilightsmile:

Great update, Cyni. I'm most definitely liking where this is going.

Nothing wrong with that.
Twilight is obviously the one pony you do want on your side in a battle.

*Writes more chapters and distracts Tim from writing further*

Oh this is just the high tide...
Give me two more chapters and you'll all be looking at me with worried expressions, nervously backing away from the story as it degrades into a weird gorefest.

Or it might not, we'll see.

Good story, but don't you think you she get some more action? Like, it's called Mare Do Better, not Rainbow Dash Has Breakfast:raritywink:other than that, I look forward to more updates!

It's a slice of life story, and that was more of a chapter to set up some more of the story... don't worry, you'll have your action... sooner or later.

Twilight snorted, rolling her eyes, “Sure you are…” she muttered under her breath before speaking louder a moment later, “I’m fine thanks, I’ve started working on a few new momentum spells, they all affect how hard a pony-”

Rainbow stopped listening.

That almost sounds like a spell that could be used in... (pause for dramatic effect) fighting! :rainbowderp: DUN DUN DUUUN

Or you could be totally misleading us.:trollestia:

If only Rainbow had paid attention to the rest.

If that explanantion continued with "can kick" then that would explain the broken ribs/blood/etc (Twi´s cheating with magic XD), Twi still has no full control over it and thus hit harder than intended. Which ALSO would make her hero questionable. As much as it fights got justice it was also testing a not yet testedd/completley finished spell on ponies, yes criminal ponies but even those got rights, like not being lab rats for spell tests.

That is if Twi is MDB ofc. :twilightsmile:

momentum spells huh?, i wonder what those could be used for...

2507427 I prefer sooner.:scootangel:
Great story though, can't wait to read more!!!:twilightsmile:

Your all wrong it's the Cutie Mark Crusaders Criminal Catchers:yay:
Or not:facehoof:

Anyway a delightful read:twilightsmile:

That makes... surprising amounts of sense for something I'm reading after just waking up...

It's been done before:
The Mighty Hoovengers

I didn't know, but I'm not really surprised by that.

It has to be Luna!

That is the only thing that makes sense!

She is a street fighter, no? :D

We know who it is... the question is, how long is it going to take Rainbow? :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I guess now we get to see how long it takes for RD to notice Twilight's injury.

Pretty stupid move on Twilight's part to go hero while she knew Dash was out looking for her, though.

Luna used the Royal Canterlot Voice.
The wild plebeian fled.

Hmm... how to make it thicker...
*adds oobleck*

Probably not long at this rate...

Twilight? Mare Do Better?
You must be mistaken dear sir...
I don't give out any dead cert spoilers until next chapter.

If you add oobleck Dash would be in for a for a surprise, and most likely a splitting headache.

Nice to see that you opted for a street fighter rather than a martial artist.

You should make it so Rainbow makes a hero persona as well and they both fight crime in a competition-like thing.

Then are forced to work together (This is a perfect opportunity to show MDB's face to RD) to defeat some kind of mutant, psychopathic, timber wolf/pony hybrid who is slaughtering people, but it has genius level intelligence and great power.

Just a suggestion XD

Morpheus is still an option I believe.

We'll see.

Guess it's just a matter of finding the pony with a nosebleed next morning. Unless she's able to heal it very quickly

Also, why didn't Rainbow Dash signal Twilight when she saw MDB? I thought she agreed with Twilight to do that


Her mind briefly informed her that Twilight hadn’t said which way she was going to go, but she wasn’t worried about it, it would just mean that there were two ponies against Mare Do Better tonight if Twilight had come this way, and if not…? Rainbow was confident enough that this Mare Do Better would be no match for her.

What my comment was suppose to say was that I'm happy to see that MDB is not an all-powerful martial artist.

I guess I should stop writing comments at 3am in the morning:facehoof:
Perhaps 1am works better.:twilightsheepish:

ok I can think of you writing this one of 2 ways from here. Twilight either comes up behind rainbow now.. OR what i would think would be beter in a romanceish scenario Rainbow decides she has had fun following twilight and just puts it back and continues "searching" for MDB with Twilight and just enjoys her company till a later time which she tells twilight and leaves twilight with a WTF how did you know moment.

You forgot option three, Rainbow just waits at the treehouse for Twilight to come back, sitting silhouetted against a roaring fireplace, cheesy superhero comic villain style, and greets her with, 'Ah... we meet again Twilight, Or should I say... Mare Do Well!'

Well..... That escalated quickly. :rainbowhuh:

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