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Pretends to know what they're doing


How do you explain to someone that you want to be something else?

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Obvious transgendersexualitywhateverwordshere is obvious. Also really good. :rainbowkiss: Please write more in this universe! Twilight should get her wings, man.

Well I certainly like it.

That's certainly good to hear

But, but, Oneshot, other projects, work :raritydespair:


Agreed. Not sure about her actually getting wings but the idea of her friends figuring it out and trying to understand and such is almost too good of an idea to pass up. I'd read it in an instant.

Of course, Twilight eventually gets her wish, when she becomes an alicorn. I guess she never dared to think of that solution.

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I've put together a dramatic reading of it.

That is all.

It was certainly one solution, Twilicorn is unlikely to come into any stories tied into this though (if I do make another...)

I'll keep that in mind.

2598848 On the contrary, I think Twilicorn would make a great addition to this.

Maybe, maybe not. But I haven't released a single post S3 story as of yet, and I really don't plan to change that until further notice. It'd just screw with my headcanon too much and a sequel to this would become unnecessary if there ever was one.

So there's your sequel if you want to follow the ascension, Twilight gets wings and flies, then she lived happily ever after etcetera etcetera etcetera.

I feel this was a good conclusion point because the problem gets addressed at least a little bit. Her confidence in her friends is shaky some times but Rainbow is probably the best to come to with this particular problem. Even though rainbow hates feely stuff, she is a good friend.

Technically... the first chapter was the conclusion point. This was only ever meant to be a oneshot, the fact that I added another chapter onto it seems have done it no ill will at the very least.

But yes, I think this is yet another nice point to end things on with a minimal amount of closure.

Hell... another chapter might appear granting full closure, I just don't know.

Thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

I can't say you did any harm by adding this.

heard scribbler's reading.

oh, twilight. just wait and you'll have your own wings and still keep your horn.

still, now i know there's a second chapter, i can't wait to read that,.

What exactly makes magic wings inferior to pegasus wings, besides their being temporary?
Twilight can already enjoy flying around. She can tell herself all she wants that it's not as good as the real thing, but she's experiencing basically everything a pegasus can as she flies freely through the air.
Is it because she can't fly like this in public? Is that why she wishes to be a pegasus - so that she wouldn't be shunned for 'squandering' her gifts?
Or perhaps it's something else.

Regardless, the concept of not being what you're meant to be (or what society expects you to be, at any rate) has always fascinated me, but few stories have actually put my musings to words like yours. Thanks for writing this.

This story has inspired me to invent a group called the Misidentified Species Alliance. This is a group of ponies that feel the same as Twilight. I don't know if I am going to use it in a story but I did use this for one of my OCs so thank you.

It kind of sucks that you were pressured into writing another chapter where she can fly with Rarity's wings but you made it work.

2594119 This isn't sustainable for a whole series but if you have ideas go ahead and write them I am probably going to.

I like this. Even if there's not much Rainbow Dash can do to help her, just being told "your flying is beautiful" would mean all the world to Twilight.

5544348 They aren't real--they're just temporary constructs, not real, flesh-and-blood wings. It's likely she doesn't get much, if any, feeling from them, and I doubt she experiences the sensation of wind blowing through her every feather. As it is, she's "just" flying.

I very much enjoyed the story even though it made me cry. Thank you for sharing it.

Lovely piece, sensitively written.
Instant favorite!

A wonderful story. But if being a Pegasus is Twilight's biggest wish in the story, wouldn't she dream about it and by extension, Luna find out?

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