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Cynical Brit.


My own mini-stories from the TwiDash mini-prompt forum along with any other mini-stories which contain TwiDash.

Expect haphazard editing and some wayward oddities.

Enjoy all the TwiDash.
The title of each chapter is the prompt that I was given.

Chapters (48)
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Comments ( 139 )

Limits are meant to be broken! Hence the term "LIMIT BREAK!"

Also demanding more vague Twidash. :pinkiecrazy:

Vague Twidash is vague

Hey... I'm sure there'll be some out-and-out TwiDash...


2166335 Meh, I got time. I'll just go grab a snack and wait.

Also vague adorable Twidash pic:


I see your vague adorableness... and I raise you:

And thanks for the comment

2167486 Time to raise the stakes of this little game of ours. I give you Rainbow in a hat and Twilight in a scarf. Bring it.



Mini-prompt: picnic by the lake (lol I have no idea)

Well, not even going to try and beat the former. Damn it.

Also, have a picnic.


Yay! This just made my day! And Rainbow forgetting the food :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoyed the picnic very much good sir. I eagerly anticipate more from you in the near future

2166335. You are the second person I've seen do this

Do this other person's random minifics have vague-TwiDash?

If they do...
then damn.

Let the competition commence!

... or something.

2171090. They have the exact same origins as yours. Both were inspired by one-word prompts. You two probably joined the same group. His name I'd CalmNQuiet. I think...

You misspelled practicing and recognize

British spelling.

I wish I could write something this good in 25 minutes. How's Britain?


Umm... I have no idea.
If I ever use arse in a sentence... you'll be the first to know.

The common switches for me are stuff like color/colour, rumor/rumour, recognize/recognise... expand from that.
In truth, if it doesn't flag an error in UK spell checker... it's fine by me.

And if it flags an error?
It's probably also fine by me.



Somehow I imagined them wrestling over something they both would like, like a cupcake or a special book of some kind.

Don't sell yourself short! That was .... ehhhhh.... interesting! Yep, that's the word I was looking for! I think...

2171171. Say something funny with a British accent!

Rainbow forgot the food! Wonder how she'll try to solve the problem.

*high-fives for British spelling style* Oh and greetings from Canada.

Adorable dream-sequence Twidash remains to be adorable. Oh and SubsolarDrift is also doing something like this (just thought I'd share that).

'Good day good sir.'

I'm assuming the power of awesome doesn't count?
Anyway, she's imaginative, I'm sure she'll think of something.

Greetings then.
And bats is also doing something similar.
All of the mini-prompt TwiDash's...

2171869 So many TwiDashes to read, so little time. If it helps, I really really do like yours :twilightsmile:

Also thought you might enjoy this:

It does.
Also, small note... I can't write the mini-prompts if I die of *HGNNNN* due to cute pictures.
The Rainbow in hat and socks was damn close to that point.

P.S. ... void all the above save the first 2 words.

2171903 :pinkiehappy:
And okay, I'll try to hold off on the cute pictures (for now at least), and yeah, that Rainbow one I probably should have saved for later (one of my heavy-hitters).

P.S. I lied



Wait. I should probably call an ambulance or something. Sorry about that chief.

Any chance of Twilight getting her revenge :trixieshiftright:

Revenge... on such a pony as Dash?

Anyway, this was Dash's revenge for the Water incident.

2172148 :rainbowderp: Oh right, duh, forgot about that.

I honestly have nothing more to say and am debating just posting another picture.

2172307 How can you possibly give filly Luna her huggles if you're dead?

With skill.

Fair point. I have nothing to counter that logic. I award you with another picture. Sooner or later I'm bound to run out of these.



For additional cuteness, please scroll up and look in the image links which have killed me a total of 2 times now.
Good day :)

2173518 Yeah....again, sorry about that chief (actually not that sorry :twilightsheepish: ) At least I haven't been spamming you with Fluttershy pics! (yet)

Anyways, really cute short here.


Not sure what else to say. These have all been really cute, really enjoyable mini-stories. I like the juxtaposition of this chapter and the last one, where Twilight started overthinking things, and in this one Rainbow started overthinking things a bit. Oh, and broad overarching story? Nah, never gonna happen. Positively. Almost certainly.



Thanks they're all written in less than half an hour-ish and when I have other things which I really should be doing time to do so.

Overarching story?

I have no idea what you're talking about...
:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

In other news, if you were to read the chapters in a specific order, you might begin to see the bare bones of a story emerging.
If you were looking for that of course.

“Not that she wants to waste her fun night sat next to a boring egghead.”

Awkward moment when the sentence should probably be "Not that she wants to waste her fun night sitting next to a boring egghead."

I make it up to you with another picture (seriously starting to run low, Imma have to go digging around for more):

And this because you're awesome:

Quite honestly I think that both work to some extent.

Also... their heads are bobbing...
Must... look... away...
Failing miserably.

Man you just be cranking these out non-stop. Give me a chance at least to find more lethal pictures :facehoof:

Adorable Dash is adorable. (This pic may not be as lethal as some of the others, but it's fitting I think):


Hmm... note to self, make writing more lethal and start a race to the most adorable scene I can while Timaeus competes with pictures...
If that happens... I will laugh.

And fitting... yes.

Also I seem to be making up more and more of my own mini-prompts sadly... ah well.
Considering re-ordering the current chapters into some sense of linearity as well... maybe.


2182913 Bring it. :rainbowdetermined2: I have some Fluttershy pics I haven't used yet, and I can find more.

I love you bats so much for starting this. And I love this sequence of shorts so very much.

Challenge accepted: launching adorable picture of Twilight

Give me a moment I need to check all the pictures I've already posted here to make sure I don't re-post anything...

Aha! Haven't used this one yet!

Wait...2 updates?! Oh damn son you're upping the ante here.

Awwww, okay, this was just adorable. Sad, but adorable all the same.


Doesn't mean I forfeit though:

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