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In the middle of Winter, three ponies are keeping warm together.

A/N: Written as part of the random polyamory game in the Intelligent Shipping Discussion group.
Cover art taken from the episode: Dragon Quest (Season 2, episode 21).

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Some lovely banter between friends and some coco.

Everyone loves coco.

Nice job, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Even though I am still sweating from the heat and humidity of September, you make me feel warm and cozy in your story.
Keep at it! I hope for more. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by MrPengu1n deleted Sep 13th, 2013

I agree, even though it's humid out, i felt the chill and then the cozyness.
keep up the good work

3196241 got to agree. It was 98 outside today sweltering hot by most standards but reading this story I started to feel chilled a bit then the nice radiating heat of the fire near the end.

Good work, :raritywink::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

I like the idea of these tri pairings. Some interesting things could be done. Nice one-shot.

Complete? In what manner of speaking is this complete? If you wouldn't mind, more would be appreciated. RariDashLight could possibly be the best ship ever...

I like this but it needs more. You leave it at a cliff hanger so please finish it. Otherwise its very good.

Encore! Anyway good story. Abrupt but fuzzy feeling.

Cover art taken from the episode: Dragon Quest (Season 1, episode 21).

Slight mistake there^^ Dragon Quest was Season 2 not 1^^

The joys of pressing the wrong keys
<.< >.>

3198442 Trust me, I know EXACTLY how that feels^^ So youre not alone^^

Twilight doesn't live alone, ya know. I find it rather cold and careless that Dash and Rarity bring up Sweetie Belle, but don't bother to ask about Twilight's closest companion, who lives in the building they're shacked up in.

3203139 cause 90% of the fandom hates spike. I personally find rarilight to be a huge betrayal to spike: Twilight is his best friend, hatched him... and steals his crush. if I was spike, me and twilight would be fighting in the street.

Let's just go with that he was hibernating for the winter, trying out one of those long naps he'd heard about.
:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

3204460 I recommend providing that information in the story, rather than contriving a last-minute, non-canon idea in the comments. He's the most important person in her life, it's kinda crucial.

Or maybe it was left out simply because it had no relation to the story as far as I could feasibly fit into the text.
End of.

3205528 Don't listen to Rinzler he is a spike fanboy that absolutely leaves negative comments on any fic that lacks spike (where he thinks Spike should be in) or any story where Spike is used for his role of comic relief. He has left many comments on many of my stories because of it.

Personally Spike would have just ruined this fic since he would have either had a emo moment finding out Rarity is with the other girls or he would be completely oblivious and be a 4th wheel.

3205850 No, dude, I'm not \speaking up because "wtf, no Spike??" This is genuine critique, pointing out a viable gap in the information the story provides. Sweetie Belle was important enough to mention for Rarity's sake, but Spike lives the the building this story takes place in, yet there is no explanation for why he is not in his home, or why none of the characters bothered to acknowledge him. It make the story as a whole a very obnoxious read, same if Spike was a character and Twilight was nowhere to be seen.

And many =/= one or two.

3207421 Spike isn't important though. How many times has Twilight paid more attention to a book than Spike?

Spike's pretty independent and three mares having a good time wouldn't mention such a buzz-kill character.

Sweetie Belle is at least cute and relevant. She is actually family, not just some pet some pony hatched.

Did RD mention Tank? or did Rarity mention Opalescence?

3207582 Riiiiiiight.

3208036 The episode where Pinkie becomes friends with Cranky, did anyone mention Spike? She went to the library and saw Twilight with RD and not a single mention of Spike happened.

He isn't an important character to the story. He is just made out to be my the fanbase, and that is why there is a massive disconnect between canon and fanon.

3208174 Well, my downvote sure as hell isn't going anywhere.

3208294 Neither is my up-vote:ajsmug:

I agree with you, that is genuine critique. Spike lives in the same building and should at least have been mentioned in some way. Hell, even a throwaway comment about how he's hibernating, on vacation in the Crystal Empire or visiting Celestia would have been fine. His total absence is... strange.


Sweetie Belle is at least cute and relevant. She is actually family, not just some pet some pony hatched.

By all that's good and sacred in this world, people actually think this? That Spike is a pet and therefore doesn't matter in any way? He's a sapient being, a person with feelings, dreams and hopes of his own! Not a freaking dog or a goldfish in a bowl! There's something thoroughly sick and twisted about that attitude, Diablomuerte2.

3339017 It's what the show gives off about him. I honestly don't see a point in a wingless baby dragon that cries too much and doesn't have any redeemable qualities.

Just remember I didn't make the character the MLP staff did. If they wanted him to be worth a damn then why didn't they make him cute? or likable in any form?

Crying too much and a lack of redeemable qualities doesn't make someone a pet, Diablomuerte.

You are perfectly free to dislike Spike's character (or lack thereof, as your opinion may be), of course. The point I was trying to make has nothing to do with his likeability, and everything to do with the fact that "useless" or not, he's still a person and not some dumb animal Twilight keeps as a pet.

Frankly, I've never understood all the Spike hate. I'm not particularly a fan of the character, but I don't actively dislike him either. The dislike he gets just seems so exaggerated.

3339204 He sleeps in a bassinet he has no job that earns him income and he is almost entirely reliant on Twilight for things.

Just because he talks doesn't mean he isn't a pet.

Spike will be considered more than a pet when he lives on his own. Until then he is a pet.

3339204 3339226

Alright... amazingly enough, I got the picture that Spike should have been added about 7 comments back where Rinzler gave the story a lashing. But here's the amazing thing... I'm not going to be changing the story.

Arguing about the usefulness of Spike in the comments of this story is pointless because I'm really not interested about it. The story is going to remain as it is unless I decide to continue it onwards. If you would like to write a story such as this one which does contain Spike, then be my guest because I'm not going to write in something so trivial to something that really doesn't need it anyway.

Now please stop bickering about Spike in the comments, it's quite distracting.


...He's also a baby dragon. A child. He's not supposed to have a job that earns him income, nor is he supposed to be independent as of yet and so what if he sleeps in basket? Also, you might not be aware of this, but in most of the civilized world, child labor is a crime.

Your argument simply does not hold water, and frankly, I find your opinion to be completely repugnant. You sound far too much like a slaver trying to justify enslavement by claiming that slaves aren't really people.

I'm done with this debate. It's very clear that we're just not going to come to an agreement.

3339265 Well you wrote a story in which you treated Twilight's most dedicated companion like nothing, what did you expect? That decent people would just roll over and say nothing about it?


Believe it or not... yes. I expected people to keep their noses out of things that really don't concern them. I offer to you the same offer I gave the other two. Feel free to write a story such as this one with 'Twilight's most dedicated companion' in it for yourself and you'll probably find that a) it isn't worth the effort, and b) the change is so small and technical that it really is just pointless if all it's going to do is to wipe your own opinion clean on the matter.

Now, amazingly enough, this really isn't getting anywhere anymore and I really don't know why your still responding as, as I said earlier, it really doesn't concern you.

3340562 I don't want Spike in your story dude that what I was arguing for. I was supporting your decision not to include the useless fuck. :ajsmug:

This was a heart warming story.:twilightsmile:

I don't get why you have the romantic tag, its really only sister love in this story. But anywho, nice story :rainbowkiss:

I read this to my sister and her friend and they really enjoyed it, thank you very much

I've waited for a good threesome story, involving three of my four favorite members of the mane six, thank you my friend.:twilightsmile:

This was really good. Have a follow a like and a moustache:moustache:

SHL #40 · Nov 25th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Not bad. Cute and adorable ^^

Then they fucked the end

HOORAY FOR POLYGAMY AMONG FRIENDS! At least, I think that this was that type of story. Was it?

*Looks back through the mists of time*
Why yes. Yes I believe it was.

Yeah I just now saw the whole

written as part of the random polyamory game

in the description for this story. So anyways, as I was saying yay for polygamy between friends! That is the best type of polygamy! That type never involves an episode of Maury or Jerry Springer later on! :rainbowlaugh: Seriously though, polygamy among friends is the best type of polygamy, and polygamy is the best type of relationship.

The Warmest Place

This makes me think of the tagline to John Carpenter's The Thing.

Now wouldn't that have been a twist to this story. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, short and sweet. A nice read on a cold day.

Pretty boring. Not worth stumbling upon

5650542 Oh geez, The Thing. I still have nightmares over the defib scene. Still, you're right- that would be the twist of the century.

This was a nice little slice of life from a budding poly group featuring my three favorite ponies, love it. Thanks!

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