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Pretends to know what they're doing


As if things weren't bad enough for Twilight Sparkle now that she's been told that she's got two days left to live, new problems just seem to keep cropping up all over the place:

She has to tell everyone she knows that she's not going to live two days forth,
She has to set her affairs in order for after she's gone,
Oh... and Rainbow Dash seems to want to talk to her about something.

Twilight has forty-eight hours left to live and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

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Can't wait to see where you take this idea, I await more with bated breath.

*no sad tag*
*to tragedy tag*
*reads description*
Well then, there seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding here. Don't really know how you're going to pull this off without those tags and still keep the same emotional impact, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.


Why death must be seen as sad or as tragedy? For one, death is the only certain that you have in life, a motive to push us foward.

Ooh, no magic! Poor Twi. Although I hope she doesn't put off telling the princesses (Luna's a friend, Cadance was her foalsitter, they count too) for very long, since history has proven that unstable deities are not a good thing. :derpytongue2:

technically there are three certainties in life; birth, death, and taxes.

But the fact of the matter is that without those two tags there are only so many places this can be taken, especially with that romance tag thrown in. According to the rules of the site, that is. I agree that death is not always something to be seen as sad or tragedy, but the rules of the site dictate that a story dealing with it must have one the other or both. Of course, I could be wrong; it has been a while since I've read the rules when it comes to tags, so I could be miss remembering or it could have changed.

You know in that kind of circumstance I almost think it is better NOT to tell anyone -- you just die without the pity and angst of your friends in your last couple of days. Just spend time with them and when it comes it comes.


FUCK YOUR TRAGEDY :flutterrage: :fluttershbad:

I woulda told celestia first so she can work her ass off for a cure, than told my friends, than my family, than just spent the last day with them all cherishing them before i DIED.

Twilight's dieing :fluttercry: :applecry: :fluttershbad: :fluttershyouch: :fluttershysad: you make fluttershy sad....

I think this will be a story where love will heal/cure twilight and what type of ship is this?

LOOOOOOOVE it! :twilightsheepish: Really, I do. When's that next chapter coming out?

Okay... I think I've left these comments to stew for long enough... time to make the rounds and reply to people with cautiously hashed-out answers and emotes.

You might be holding it for a while... fair warning.

To be fair... I didn't want Tennant to die, but he did and he was replaced by someone who a minority didn't like and the majority couldn't care less. I wonder what will happen when Twilight will die... (tortured analogy over)

I agree with 3635666 for one or two reasons, but mainly for that it doesn't have to be seen as a sad or a tradgedy. Would you count it as a sad story when Sombra was effectively sealed inside the ice to die, 3635527?

In a reply to the actual question... well.

Unstable deities are the best! They're great fun at parties and for if you need a skylight in a hurry. Anyway, if Twilight tells one of them, I doubt the rest of them will be waiting very long before they find out and Celestia demands that they join her in a search for a cure/someone to blame.

Well it got passed through moderation, who am I to judge/thank very much?

As stated previously, not all deaths are sad... I could go through a multitude of films/games where people die left, right and centre, but I'm not going to because of sequel boredom and space limits.

Agreed with one minor amendment, I'd make a very inconspicuous trip to the solicitor to make sure everything was in order and that at least one person knew. Else you just end up leaving behind a lot of people who start searching for a reason why you died and/or start cursing you and your secret ways.

That seems to happen a lot with my stories... someone should just tell Fluttershy to stay away.

I did mention before that this doesn't have to end up being a tragedy. I think I'll just leave it there.

A clue to the contents of this story and the ship contained within cannot be found within the groups that it has been added to. We thank your observational skills and your abilities of patience to find out information about the story.

Should be coming out next Monday at around the same time hopefully. Please don't take that for granted as I have a reputation for this sort of thing...

Also, thanks. :twilightsmile:

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with this statement on principle.

Yes, death is an inevitability in life, but this isn't life, its fiction. There are conventions to fiction. characters are created for stories, we get to know them during a story and they serve a narrative purpose, and then the story ends. There is no requisite for a characters death to be in a story, therefor, if a character is to die, is should serve the narrative and as a result of that emotions get attached to it. If a protagonist dies, it can be heroic, it can be tragic. If a villain dies, it can be just, it can be vindicating. But it has to be something in fiction. In this story, given what we know, this death has to be sad (I wont say tragic, but that's only because the continued misunderstanding of tragedy bugs me). The fact that this story lacks a sad tag, either means an oversight by the author, or a deliberate aversion given prior knowledge, i.e. that this story will have a happy resolution.

Furthermore, I would argue that even given a happy ending, a story whose narrative revolves entirely around the eventual death of a central character is inherently sad.

If we as the reader feel sadness towards the protagonists during a majority of the book, then it can be labeled as sad regardless of the outcome. A horror story that ends with 'it was all a dream' is still a horror story even if none of the actual horror was real.

So...yeah...come to think of it, I kind of got away from my original reply, didn't I? Um, just consider it a reply to the whole conversation


alright then.

Yes, death is an inevitability in life

alright, no disagreement here

There is no requisite for a characters death to be in a story, therefor....

that can be applied to...everything... really
if the characters life through a tough situation it's server the narrative, of the character falls in love, it server the narrative. and I agree with that, everything that happen in a fiction must serve the narrative (being pushing the story fowards or character development) and that have nothing to do with death be seen as good, bad, sad or tragedy

If a protagonist dies, it can be heroic, it can be tragic. If a villain dies, it can be just, it can be vindicating. But it has to be something in fiction

that fall within your purview of what is fiction, like, really must be that black or white. one or zero, A or B?

If we as the reader feel sadness towards the protagonists during a majority of the book, then it can be labeled as sad regardless of the outcome

well, the interpretation of the reader about the story must not surpass what the author thinks about his own story.
Cynical itself said that this is not a sad story, and what he said about this own story is final, you can not label stories of another person based own your interpretation of the story, well at least not in their own page.
You can scream for the four winds that this story is sad but this is his page, his story and he tags what he thinks best.

and ultimate, I'm saying that because I think that Cyn is a very good author that knows what he's doing

Just because a writer intends for their work to be received a certain way, does not suddenly mean it is the way they say it is. Cynical may intend not to write a sad story but since his concepts of sadness and his, well, everything, cant exactly match up perfectly to everyone else's we have to fall back to established definitions.

In fiction, the death of a protagonist is sad. That is a functional generalization

It doesn't matter if the author intends for it be a happy go lucky story, if its not perceived as happy by the general public, then it isn't. The author failed at his goal and wrote a story counter to what they intended (I'm not saying this applies specifically to this story, this is a generalization). A protagonist dying in an unheroic manner in a story is a sad event, and I'm willing to guess it is for a lot of people. A majority of readers would have had an encounter of death, and it would have saddened them, therefor death to them is a sad event. Therefor a story centred around death is a sad story. I don't mean to cast aspersion on the author, but him saying it isn't sad doesn't mean anything objectively

the interpretation of the reader about the story must not surpass what the author thinks about his own story

You can scream for the four winds that this story is sad but this is his page, his story and he tags what he thinks best

I'm sorry, but I just cant agree with that. The entire point of any art is to convey a message, but the sender is only half of the message, the receiver is just as important. It doesn't matter how profound the words of a man screaming into a void, it amounts to nothing if no one hears him. The reader is at least as important as the author and in the days of mass distributed and consumed media, I'd daresay more so. The author is a single person, with a single viewpoint, the readers, can refer to any number of people, a greater collective referring to a greater viewpoint, and in my opinion, their interpretation of the message is more important than the intended message.

Also, at the very least, I believe the author should err on the side of caution. Especially with subjects like death, I'd rather a story be labelled sad and I not find it so, than the opposite.

But in the end, all of this is just getting further and further from the point that I was tenuously grappling with originally and it just passed midnight and my eyes are starting to go weird from reading a screen for too long and this entire venture may have been a mistake this late at night, so whatever you reply to this, if at all, I concede.

Damn I'm tired :twilightsheepish:

This is looking to be one awesome story.

I shall be watching.

Minor delays in writing due to messed up sleeping patterns among other things.
With any luck, the chapter should be up before the night is out.


Twilight has forty-eight hours left to live and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

You sneaky bastard...


Oh god i just realized that.... :pinkiegasp:

hey maybe she'll use this time to search up a cure :pinkiehappy:

or like.. i dunno... Do whatever she has to do to get out of it and die? I hope it's the cure one.. :pinkiesad2:

I concur with the others. You absolutely, sneaky, brilliant...:yay:

Favoriting just so I can track and see where you'll take this. :pinkiesmile:



I'm surprised no-one twigged before now. A story where the POV lasts for a mere two days wouldn't have made for very interesting reading, nor would it have lasted for the 30-40k planned.

Now I get to do the fun stuff.

Can't wait to read the rest of this! :pinkiesmile:

I feel like a complete idiot for not realising this was a time loop. Please give us day 3 soon.


How'd I miss this...?

~Skeeter The Lurker


Felt a bit lack luster, but, not bad.

~Skeeter The Lurker


She's stuck in a time loop and is a living bomb.

...Seems legit.

~Skeeter the Lurker


Keeps cutting off Rainbow... Go figure.

~Skeeter The Lurker

she can't die as long as Rainbow never tells her, maybe?

You're late.

I was unable to find an appropriate image that may or may not have contained Frodo to express that fact.

I've a feeling that her ignoring Rainbow for that long is going to end in some sort of revolt...

I'm not quite sure who from yet...

Twilight, come up with a spell to fix your health then listen to what Rainbow Dash has to say, it's that simple. :ajbemused:

Or is that the simple version of a complex process of rediagnosing the diagnosis?

I feel this is connected to rainbow dash somehow.... :rainbowderp: :twilightoops:

Ha... Twilight find the health-fix spell, skip a day, cast it before you talk to rainbow, listen to rainbow, boom everything's fixed!

:facehoof: : It doesn't work that way...


Well... you know that thing I said about the chapter release schedule being back to normal...

Yeah... that's probably not happening quite yet.

Exam period.

Says it all... I've even got one later today so I can't really do any more writing on the chapter for now without my conscience nagging me about revising.

TBR: Soon...

So, for future reference, Soon translates into seven weeks. This is important information.
Thank you for your patience.

Still faster than Valve.

Can't wait for more. Well OK, I guess I can. But I hope the next soon is sooner. Nice that she started talking to Rainbow, and that she doesn't seem interested in abusing the loops in regard to her friend again.

Well, the good news in regards to continuing is that I now have a sort-of chapter plan done. I'm going to say this... this ride is barely getting started.

(20 normal chapters + prologue & epilogue... so much for a 40k story...)

I would say groundhog day but Bill murray wasn't dying.

The only thing I properly took from Groundhog Day was the time loop stuff, yeah... and maybe the Romance tag if you count that.

Although that doesn't stop me from being annoyed that I've lost the DVD for that somewhere... it's quite a good comedy...

4042305 do you plan on any like bill Fuck it all twilight scenes, like maybe telling celestia the "truth" about her flank, something like "you should have been the lunar princess with that full moon you have" something just you know that no consequences things. because you know twilight might just go Snapple if she would repeat too much.

I have plans...

Take from that what you will.

You really should have Twilicorn tagged in this :\

I actually thought I had...
My bad.

See what this story brings you?
Unexpected princesses are always good :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:



4028633 Well, already counted higher than Valve anyway. :twilightsmile:

GAH! Fimfiction what is wrong with you? I only now see that this has updated. Only now! Grrrr!

I will say that I love where you are taking this and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Ooh an update!

A good one at that.

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