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When aliens and monsters attack their town, it's up to Wondercloud Lightningbolt and her friends to find the Elements of Awesomery and stop the invasion! Can they brave the dangers of the Everlame Forest and make it back before everypony's house explodes?

A parody of bad fanfiction, originally published on Equestria Daily July 21st, 2011. Series is incomplete, but each update is a complete story. Read the side stories here! (Chronologically between EoA and The Adventures Of.) Dramatic readings by MrKenyon (part 2), Voz de Suenos (not complete), and Pinkie Punch (part 2). Discussed by the Brony Book Club!

The Adventures of Wondercloud and Sugar Rush: After the events of The Elements of Awesomery, Wondercloud and her friends work to rebuild their homes. But when the Awesomebolts make a guest appearance in town, will Wondercloud slack off to show off for them? You're darn right the answer is yes.

The Further Adventures of Wondercloud and Sugar Rush: When a spaceship crash lands in the Everlame Forest, the Elements of Awesomery must go on a world-spanning quest to help a wayward people rebuild their homes. Will Wondercloud be eaten by a dragon? Will Fashionface and Johnniepear start and/or stop making out? What's bothering Sugar Rush? Will there be chocolate? Will the rating be kicked up to Teen? The answer to that last question, at least, is yes.

Midnight Twinkle Gets a Clue: Why is Midnight Twinkle such a butt? She's literally the smartest pony in Ponylandia, but she just doesn't get it. So can she and her bodyguard save Pony City from a rampaging Ursa when it shows up and she makes things worse? The answer is yes, but they won't be able to do it alone...

Whisperlite's Wonderful Day: All Whisperlite wants to do is have a lovely picnic with a dear friend. Will her less-than-dear (and deer) friends let her get away with that? The answer is probably 'no'.

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Comments ( 112 )
Author Interviewer

Dear reader: Should you at any point begin reading this story and think to yourself, "This is horribly written, trite garbage," I urge you to continue reading, for there is a method to the madness. Should you continue doubt my writing ability, I ask that you take a peek at one of my other works. Not the Zebra Manuscript, the other other works. Thank you. :)

IN OTHER WORDS, NO COMING DOWN HERE AND TELLING ME TO EDIT :| It's supposed to look like that.

This is still the best example of a random comedy ever

John Freeman got a message from his brother that aliens and monsters were attacking his place!

Wait... wrong story.

Hah! I remember this. XD And the ending... <3

So glad ya threw this up on here. Straight into faves it goes! :3

Author Interviewer

A parody of bad fanfiction.


Thank you for posting that. I was horrified for a second there. :pinkiecrazy:

edit- made the above comment before I read this fully.

anywho, best line goes to "Her cutie mark was FASHION." xD

Can't broken.
Work doesn't brain.

The fuck?


Is best element :ajsmug:

Author Interviewer

Best comment, right here. :D

f, "This is horribly written, trite garbage," I ur

(pp you have to embrace the fact that stupid people are going to think you are terrible. stop preventing their misinformed rants and downvoting with promises of better fics and such)

PP I love you man and you know that, but you threw in all of those disclaimers AND you shunted the blame onto Pinkie Pie instead of yourself?

Doesn't this strike you as terribly self-efficacious?

I'm tempted to give you your first downvote to try to get you to loosen up about jokefics but I'm afraid


my own safety

safety is not guaranteed

Also you should edit this thing

terribly unpolished, really

Wow. I was expecting fanfic-aware humour, not an actually moving peice with such a cute and sweet ending. It makes sense that the most hyper head in Ponyville would be writing stuff like this, actually. How else does se keep smiling, if not by letting her inner demons out where it's safe to do so?

Also, she should have been multitasking while writing it. Then accidentally hitting ctrl A, ctrl C, ctrl V, and a few random clicks to send the story to all her friends. On second thought, that would have been too much. Great work!

Author Interviewer

i ahte u somch :|

This isn't a trollfic, though. Well, okay, I didn't even know about trollfics when I wrote it. It's parody, and a parody that I want people to take seriously and enjoy. People have given me crap for this story ever since I wrote it. :| That said, it seems not to have gone over terribly popular here, which is kind of surprising. Oh well!

Author Interviewer

You don't have to say this is a parody of bad fanfic, just say Pinkie Pie wrote it. Because it's fucking hilarious. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Edit: Rated... everyone?

Sugar Rush's reference to The Tick had me cracking up. Hilarious fic man.

Author Interviewer

It always makes me smile when people get that reference. :D

Johnniepear was amazing; she totally deserves to be the Element of Badassery. Those completely unnecessary and over-the-top southernisms just cracked me up every single time she said something. And I do love the idea of Pinkie writing extremely terrible fanfiction in which she ships herself with Dash. The ridiculously positive way in which you have her write about Dash is rather touching, really. The ending was also really cute and a nice little follow-up to your other fic.


An old favourite of mine.

Her cutie mark was FASHION.

Basically the greatest cutie mark ever.

I just liked Johnniepear's cutie mark.

And the DashiePie.

And everything.

Author Interviewer

But wait! There's more! (Someday.)

The amount of lolz im trying to hold in (as to not wake my sister up) is so very painful right now!! :rainbowlaugh:

also, didn't someone do a voice reading of this? :derpyderp1:

Author Interviewer

Yes! Expand the description and you'll find two of them! :D

I honestly can't believe I hadn't read this yet. One of the most perfect examples of a random comedy I've ever seen. I wish there was something I could say that wasn't "GOD THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD" but uh


*facepalms* oh god. I figured it was Dash writing it personally XD

Man, why didn't you tell you posted this here. This is hands down one of the fandom's funniest pieces and one of the few with a satirical bite to it. If I have any complaints, it's that I'm not a huge fan of the ending but seriously, element of Whining alone had me in stitches (still does just thinking about it). Shame it never got the attention it deserved.

Author Interviewer

Hey, it got not one but two dramatic readings! :D And when I get the sequels done, it will get more attention.

Also, I am on fimfic now, hi. :B I tried to get the blogponies to change the links on all my EQD pages, but that has not happened so far as I know.

NO!! This does not have enough Bananas to be "Awesome"!

1346378 This story needs more bananas. How was that not clear? You sound like you need more bananas... I'm gonna go get some more bananas...

Oh god. What awesomeness am I reading? I CAN'T HANDLE IT! ARGH!

Author Interviewer

There are no bananas. There never were any bananas. You are the bananas.

Rainbow Dash's self-insert fic is complete!

Or is it...?

By any chance is Hotflank's outfit a subtle reference to the novel The Scarlet Letter?
Maybe you decided your story needed a little piece of profundity?
Or maybe I'm just an idiot and trying too hard to find some...

Oh well I'll just let my brain regenerate after it exploded from the story's sheer awesomery.

Author Interviewer

First, I will answer your question by saying 'no'.

Second, I will wonder just how in the heck you came to that conclusion. @_@

Well, I recently was applying for some jobs online and contacted my high school English teacher to ask if I could use her as a reference.
Then when I read about Hotflank, and probably how she's had sex more than your average mare, and noticed the big 'A' on her outfit my mind immediately went straight to the aforementioned novel I read in some random reading class I took before I attended said high school.

That coupled with the fact that this story is written how it is, my mind started desperately searching for something insightful within those mass lines of succinct randomness and badassery, and it's no surprise I came to that conclusion.

Does that answer your question you magnificent bastard?

Author Interviewer



Oh wow. This hurts to read. In a good way. I think.:pinkiesick:

Also, Nifforg is best pony.

Nine times. Nine times I had to get up and walk away to calm myself, due to sheer ridiculosity. Well played.

It still hurts to read, but it's a good kind of pain. Like popping your back.

Author Interviewer

I think my work here is done. :3

Well, except that there is more to come...

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