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... Bro? ... You coming back? :pinkiesad2:

Dude where did the twidash go.....:rainbowhuh:

You were my first person I ever watched. Looking back, I don't even know why o.O


152499 I agree. While there were problems, they weren't anything that couldn't be fixed with a little help.

The main problem with the comments on that fic was that people were irritated by your reactions to (admittedly harsh, but honest) critique, not so much the fic itself. Undeleting it and learning from the advice that readers give you will not only enable you to fix a story that you think unfixable, but will improve your writing in the future. Good luck!

Your story got featured. Of course there were some issues, but these things come with time, you can't be instantly good at writing. Don't take the attitude of a quitter, and even though I can't tell you what to do, I think you should re-upload that story.

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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