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I like reading, writing and drawing, although I'm not the best at writing these stories. The dragon is my favorite creature. I'm apparently a rabbit because of the year I was born. Wish I was Dragon..


Smol Update · 7:23pm Jun 13th, 2016

Hey sorry I haven't updated crap for the past two weeks! Finals are... now. Heheh. I'm gonna get back on it either this weekend or the next. Sorry again, guys!

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Thank you for faving The Looking Glass World of Cheese and Pie! I'm pleased you picked it, as EG fics don't exactly get lots of love.

You read other people's stories, and you can make your own. :pinkiehappy: Go to the home page for top ten and search for categories and characters you want to read about. You can also make your own stories and stuff. You'll get the hang of it soon.

I joined! Eh, mind helping me out. I'm eh lost :raritydespair:

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